*** DREI DOWN ***

Glad you’re ok. Bike looked in a right state. You should get Suzuki to check that front wheel. Let us know if you need anything.

You gotta watch those Essex drivers, hope you’re back on the road soon.

Sorry to hear about this Drei. Least you’re here to tell the tale. Heal up soon.

Gotta agree with Blade on one thing though…

…that front wheel will be a right f****r to get back together!

Damn…Just heard the bad news…Glad you weren’t badly hurt.

That wheel looks f*cked, but everything on the bike can be repaired or replaced…Could’ve been worse.

Goodluck when you get back on the road.

There has been way too many accidents and a death. Hope this crap ends.

Hey well look at it this way you got more than your knee down today… 30 mph ??? Hmmm?

Dude, just seen the photos! wow you were lucky there…

******* that you didnt get any witnesses…but not sure how this one will pan out, probably a 50/50…?

Glad to hear that you are in one piece and ok mate…

It looks as though the bl**dy Ford driver was not as ‘Focused’ as they should of been !!!

Gutted for you bro. Glad you’re in one piece tho

sorry to hear you came off, but glad you’re ok and no broken bones. There really must be something in the air at the moment

Drei! So glad your ok looking at what the bike went through!

Chin up mate!


Hey Drei, I know how you feel! Sorry to read what happened to you at least you are in one peice, little consolation for how p1ssed off you must feel. I really felt a dent in my confidence when it happened the other day. I have had one ride since then, it takes the fun outa ridin and makes you feel like a target. (this is my 3rd bike accident in nearly 2 years had 2 car also ALL at the hands of other people)

Take it easy mate,


Hi Drei, sorry to hear about your accident, glad you ok and not seriously hurt epsecially after seeing the pic of the bike.

sorry to hear it was you as a friend of mine came round and said a gixxer was down on the roundabout, just glad you are ok

Glad to hear you are okay matey. At least the Insurers can see its well looked after, you might be lucky and get very little hassle from them.

As for the Cager, so you hit his front wheel eh, looking at his front wheel he is gonna have a hard time proving anything but that he has a hard job parking with all those curbed bashes on the rim!!

Damn cars - should introduce re tests every three years!!

Anyway, take it easy and hope to see you back on a bike soon.

Damn dude! Glad you’re still in one piece mate, hope you’re feeling better soon.

That would be well worth checking. Suzuki would be liable as that defect to the wheel could have given way at any time under stress braking. Good that you walked away from the accident and are in once piece. Saw another bike down on Old Kent Road, did not look as fortunate as you. Ambulance was there and biker was definately down. Looks like he lost a contest against a bus…

The look of that Bike says “Serious Off” Fella…

Im pleased you are on your Dancers and Posting about it.

All the best to ya and a speedy recovery/settlement.

I would think Suzuki would work with you on this, if there was a problem with your wheel it would quite likely not be unique to yours but could effect a batch. If they found a problem with your wheel Suzuki would want to recall all bikes with the same batch wheel.

Bloody hell mate. That looks like one you did well to walk away from. GWS!

Hey Drei sorry to hear that! god the photo of the bike is bad, ive never seen a wheel that bad!! hope your aches and pains are ok.