*** DREI DOWN ***

Just got a text from Drei, called him straight back…hes been knocked off his bike and in Whipps Cross hosp…hes ok and someone is with his bike and he has a friend coming to get him to go back to get bike sorted and home again hopefully before someone turns up with a van and tries to nick it !! …completely wrecked at the front, forks and wheel, he was hit on the side by a car, lost control, slid and hit the barrier near roundabout at Redbridge/M11

Like i said, hes ok, no bones broke, and says he is ok to leave the hospital after being checked out. If any of u have his number, give him a ring? He sounds pretty low as we all know he would right now…but thankfully he is ok …

i wish this spate of bloody arrogant cagers would sod right off the planet !!!

oh ****!! glad he is ok (ish).

crap, crap, crap, crap. Just as he was getting his confidence back, thanks for letting us know, will give him a call now. what is wrong with these car drivers…??

Oh no mate, not good news. Hope hes out of hospital and resting at home now. <a target=_blank href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</A> cagers i hope the person gets there licence taken off them.

Drei man hope you are feeling well soon fella…

Glad hes ok …

Not good news but I’m glad it’s not worse.

Keep the chin up Drei and you’ll be back on it soon.

God Drei !! the wheel is well and truely had it !! bluddy hell …you are SO lucky !! that looks really bad…hope u dont ache too much in the morning mate…

ooo s*** glad ur ok

im thinkin ur lucky after seein the pic

hope u get back on a bike soon

Man that sucks. Take your time mate, don’t rush - the gods seem to have it in for you at the mo.


Glad you’re home with no broken bones, suggest you take some anti-inflammatories now, and more in the morning, and more for lunch - you’ll probably ache loads tomorrow.

pleased you’re OK dude.

How on earth did you ‘hit his wheel’? sounds like the car driver is talking complete tosh. Were there any witnesses or CCTV footage?

hi mate i havnt meet you mate but realy sorry to hear about what happend just thought you might want to show suzuki the front wheel mate that shouldnt have happend fella again glad your well mate

Bad news mate, get well soon, and speedy recovery for the bike.

Now you have some time to yourself, don’t go trawling sites for Russian brides, you’ll need all your cash for the Suzi’.

Drei, sorry to hear this, wondered why you where not at the Ace tonight


Glad you’re ok Drei.

unlucky there drei,
damn, that front wheel!.
let’s hope all is resolved real soon.

get well soon to both of you.

PM if anything.

man that is rough. Sorry you’ve been through it again so soon after the last one.

shiznit dude, hope your ok

Sending my best wishes for you!