Donny 28 march (friday)

Im doing donny on the 28th march, its a gixer junkies day but friends are welcome what every they ride.the last weekend is march is normaly the start of some good weather!!! :cool:

Good thing about this day is its 100 quid instead of 165!!

there are still a few places left so if anyone wants to join me post up.

Ill be going up in the van and theres space in the van or on the trailer .

theres only fast and inters left and not many inters at that

A very special track, my favourite:) Hopefully see you there later in the year Adz:)

Have a good one mate…Hope it’s dry for you guys.

Donington is indeed a very special track (but only in the dry IMO) and is my second favourite.

This ones going to spesh lol… nearly fully booked with Junkie nutters.

See you there Adz :wink:

think all the places have gone now, but I’d quite like to come along and soak up the atmosphere if you’re offering a lift?

damn, last day of the financial year… don’t think I can get time off work.

BOOKED! :smooooth:

have fun peeps :wink:

haha its forcast snow!!

should be fun…:w00t:

well donny is VERY slippery in the wet!! managed to keep it sunny side up though got to the kerb once but didnt make it to the gravel or the grass…two dry session in the afternoon so had a bit of flat out fun

amazing track very tricky…

best bits…

trying to haul the bike left at the bottom of crainer, the front going skyward in 4th under the dunlop bridge :slight_smile:

few pics from the wet sessions…

one from the first dry session finally getting some knee down action :slight_smile:

how did nuts take you hammering him on the track m8


to be fair he was on some crap dunlops on the cbr

once the track dried out and he was on race rubber on the 750 he was cracking along :slight_smile:

in the last session he wanted revenge and tried to take me on the inside at goddards i moved over so we didnt hit and was wagging my finger at him all the way round the bend :slight_smile:

i had the drive out of the bend and hooked up a big wheelie down the start finish strait and as i put it down he pulled along side.

i just knew he was going to fight me into redgate and try and out brake me

i was on the inside so he would have had to go around the out side but i know jamie he would of had us both in the gravel rather than loose out on the last lap of the day so i just throttled of and followed him round to the pits.

all good fun :slight_smile:

sounds like you had fun :D:)

any other trackdays you intend to do this year???

yeah im gagin to do silverstone… in the dry :slight_smile:

was thinking of booking that day that DA is on its a gp legends day though and 180 odd quid but you can get tips from a load of top stars.

its the 19th may

Like this Adz? :D:D



Mark, Nuts and Adz :slight_smile:










lol nice one ang :w00t:

nice pic of mark there near knee down in the wet :cool:

i`m gagging to get bk out on the track but ÂŁ190 is a bit much m8

nice pics ang;)

think you could do with breaking deeper and harder as it was quite easy to get in between you and the corner. Left you plenty of room on the exit. It did make me miss a gear when you pulled a wheelie next to me. Redgate, well if you were on the inside I’d have let you take it. Its all good clean fun.

indeed was fun!

it was he last lap of the last session jamie!! with only 2 dry sessions was still trying to work out how fast you could go in…

like to go back there in the summer

just booked silverstone!! FE on the 19th bit steep coz its that gp starts day but Da artist and mike are going so should be fun.

book up jamie