Does this look dodgy..?

just asked if it runs due to ecu bypass and can I view before bidding !!!

lets see what comes back with :slight_smile:

he may start getting suspicious soon ? lots of interest very quickly

im up for coming :w00t:

** This is an automated email to acknowledge receipt of your report.
Please do not respond to this email. If you need to, you can contact us
from any eBay Help page.**


Thank you for taking the time to report a seller who you suspect is
offering stolen goods on eBay.

The sale of stolen goods is forbidden on eBay because it’s against the
law to sell stolen property. eBay strongly supports law enforcement
efforts to recover stolen property listed on its website. However, we
can only investigate such a serious allegation if it comes from the

If you believe that an item on eBay may be a stolen item, please inform
your local police and ask them to get in touch with us. The
investigating officer can then use the contact details provided in our
Safety Centre:

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you taking a moment to
express your concern to us. Thank you for helping to keep eBay a safe,
fun place to shop.


eBay Trust & Safety

Original Message Follows:

Please note that this is a system generated email; please do not reply
to this email because it won’t reach us. You can contact the Customer
support using the help section from the navbar.

Here’s what I got back,

hi mate it was stolen recovered,
it had all the fairing missing, tank, exhaust, footrest, levers, and a few other little bits

June 2008 to nov 2010 he was banged up for bike theft .

can’t see why it would be a cat b for only theft damage and no frame damage.

Also don’t know why they’d scrub the last 4 of the VIN off, surely teh VIN should stay in place to identify it as a cat b.

seems very suspect to me and just doesn’t look “right”

listing ended… that went quick:satisfied:

just checked all the other items he had for sale have gone as well.

Sorry , i meant 2 years hols paid by the state as he came from a deprived etc etc etc

Feedback is now private

so what happened with this?

ear hang on a mintue thats his mate giveing him false posative feed back that e bay is a pile of sh i t e big big time

Why post up in here? If you’re genuinely concerned…, report him to eBay, not us!

Exactly. what can we do? nothing…

People who reported to eBay have screwed this up, congrats…

We could go round and fill him in…but is it worth the risk…50/50.

Exactly - Ebay aren’t gonna do anything apart form send them an email.

I posted it here:

a) Because someone might know the bike and seller to say, its not stolen, just a bag of sh!t
b) Someone on here might have had an R6 stolen recently and be able to identify it.
c) I like the thought of 20+ bikers going to see it and showing these [email protected] that it shoulnt be that easy to sell stolen bikes on ebay.

I know if my stolen bike turned up on ebay, i’d want to hear about it.

Dude - this is a biking community which is seriously pi55ed off with the amount of thefts. Maybe you dont care and thats up to you, but im sure lots of people on here do care and want to try to do something about it.

I’m also confused by this post you made on the stolen 600rr thread:

So surely if i see the 600rr on ebay tomorrow, you’d want to know about it?

So who went to see him then? Nobody.

Could be legit for all you know but then again it might not have been but as everyone just chatted bollocks about on here nobody will know :smiley: