Does this look dodgy..?

Anyone by chance know who’s this is?..

Sounds rather dodgy to me… oh, the VIN’s been filed off… oh, the immobilizer has been bypassed… Oh… i cant get on with it…

If its a race bike - isnt the first thing most people to is change the can? looks standard to me…


Hmmm, look at the sellers other items!! Looks a bit suspect to me!

Thats what i thought… all “newish” bikes too… feedback aint great!

I was just looking through it and thought exactly the same thing!

Address: London, London, UK… cough cough

Anyone want to go and look at a nice new R6 (T’s&C’s apply)*

*Terms and Conditions - Bike may be cobbled together from random parts!

Also, what tyres are those?? Street tyres for sure and they aint been round a track unless it was at 6 mph!

Haha, hes even got the original rearsets in pieces on the floor in the last photo - there are no heal plates on the bike… this is sooo dodgy…

2010 r6 with 1000 miles for £4k…:unsure:

i wonder what ebay does if reported…

well thats a bike thief…

lol looks like he likes to grow a bit of weed too!

Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. 5 Star buyer Paid Immediately Seller: mantradingltd ( 24294) 01-Feb-11 15:16
Hydroponics Dark Room Grow Tent Bud 240 X 120 X 200 CM (#120663239046

Lots of sales activity to June 2008 (and lots of bike bits too) then an inactive gap until Nov 2010 when all the listings are private.

I’ve heard it said the vast majority of second hand motorcycle parts on fleabay come direct from the streets via the back of two tone rust n white vans.

wonder if you could go n view it ? see his expression when 20+ bikers turn up to “ask” questions :D:D:D

looks to good for a cat b :cool:

Category B The vehicle may not be resold. It will have been damaged beyond economical repair, usually with major structural damage. The DVLA will require Notification of Destruction but parts can be removed and sold on

Has anyone reported this to ebay/police ?

I’m waiting for a reply as to why the bike is a cat b? Then I might show a bit of interest in it and dig a bit deeper!

Those tyres still have not even been run in, Hardly leaned over.

Poor sod/sod’s bike for sale. Sad times.

Barge pole comes to mind

Happy to join you!

If it is nicked/put together from spare parts, I don’t get it how these people are so clued up about stealing bikes and then give themselves away with something so obvious…idiots really. Could not miss the opportunity in giving the little f***** a scare if a load of us showed up!

However, although very unlikely, there could be a legit reason for the sale. I’m considering making a silly offer and if he does accept something really low, then something’s definitely not right.

Adam, Let us know if he responds and i think we go pay him a little visit… to check out the fine quality bike of course :wink:

He’s also got some DRZ calipers so im sure Jay would be interested - they probably arnet his but lets just pretend they are and get all angry and stuff :w00t:

old shopping trolley in the garden classic pikey behaviour

just asked if frame is ok , if it is why remove id , i am sure it would not be a cat b if it was just bits missing stolen , it would be a cat c ???


no damage to frame or any repair work ?

dont add up to me!

I Am also agreeing on going to see this person :slight_smile: although i’m on a 125 i’d go just to see his expression & a bypass to the immobilizer well if that aint a theft bike then i dunno what is… lol