Does my 'bum' look good in these??

Sadly, not me, but my husband is well chuffed I got this pic for him…marks out of 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It would be alright if she didn’t look about 12 years old :wink:

…and if she could actually move in those things :stuck_out_tongue:

strange how the guys just vote and the women make a comment hahahaha


photos been all over bike mags lately
shes ultra-fit:Wow:

She’s 22. :wink:



Ha ha husband now fighting me for the laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

and in second place !!!

That’s me :smiley:

Excellent, thanks Bluestar, hubbie doesn’t want the laptop anymore :smiley:

Dainese girl looks o.k. from front, but better from behind so who cares if she can’t move?


That arse has gotta be 11 out of 10 ! :w00t:

These leathers are fab, oh, and I’m with the boys on this one, girl is gorgeous :slight_smile:

Looks like Shauna!


haha pmsl:hehe:the chick is mighty fine…damn…imagine turning up at Ace or BM with her riding pillion:w00t::w00t:…actually i dont think i’d make it to Ace or the BM…i’d be busy with…erm…other things…;):P:w00t:

and if you made it to the Ace would need a big stick to beat the lads off with:D

Oh id much rather have James Toseland in a nice pari of tight leathers… he could rub over My tl anyday…:P:w00t:

Oi Westie, stop fantasising, I know your fixation with womanly curves, despite prefering the rougher sex :wink: