Does Anybody Like Their Job?

You took my old job then

yup love my job, wouldn’t go there if I didn’t.

I love my job at 18:00hrs and on the day I get paid.

Same as me! but ive been here 20 yrs and its great too…i will prob be here till i retire…jobs good people i work with are good, wage is best you can get, pensions good, we have our own fully equipped gym,sauna,jaccusi (seriously!) the pluses outweigh any minuses…so yeh…its a good job!

Ha ha, so much better to smell of “baby milk” eh?.. You dont fail to amaze me girl!..u must work non stop, and inbetween get a chance to ride ya bike!!! Have u got the baby seat sorted out yet??

samantha my mate neca is one of the cadburys sons,he is a smelly dirty piece of work,just waiting for his family to pop there cloggs i think.does not speak to them.

he has a recording studio some where now

he is a biker to,got dreads lives in highbury somewhere,if he reads this he wont be a mate anymore

oh well s**t happens

I was an accountant for most of my working life but this year suddenly decided to change totally, so now I work at a Yamaha main dealers, surrounded by bikes and bikers all day its fab, the team I work with is fantastic and its more of an extension of your social life than coming to work. I wouldnt change my job for anything now. I love it.

Whats not to love about being an eccentric millionaire. Its brill.

Sometimes when bored I work as a ‘body glitter application engineer’ at Spearmint Rhino and Metropolis. I don’t mind taking work home with me

well i hate mine too i think i hate the company more as i am not doing what i wanted to do

but hey looking on the bright side i working my a**off studying ACCA so i can get the job i want one day…

It’s not always that simple. I have financial obligations to meet and therefore need a certain salary. I’d love to stop working and go back to college to learn a new trade, but losing my earnings or having a low salary is not an option that’a open to me at the moment.

Tis for mi g/f apparently!

Lucky her!!!

Maybe I need to have a word with my other half, lol. To be honest, I’ve been so independent for so long I can’t imagine not earning my own money.

Yup admin temp and I hate it lots!

sometimes i hate my job and sometimes i all this week i started at 4am and been home by 12 sitting down and reading

Love my job (apart from when my customers come to pick up their new bikes - i sometimes get a bit jealous - but then i have a go on a demo and all is forgotten)

I love my job!!! I get paid to draw. What more could you ask for?

Well, a new set of non-baggy ar*ed leathers for starters! Off to the NEC tomorrow we go…

I don’t enjoy my job, but in process of remedying that.

I have a mate who works as a motorcycle salesman - no commission, decent-ish wage, take home bike you like, get repairs done cheap, only prob is works on Saturday, but get day off in week.

That would be my fav job, am waiting for someone to leave!!!

Many years ago I was an accountant - since then I have been unemployed, labourer, office gimp, Swiss Army knife salesman, bar manager, ambulance man, support worker, housing officer, … still not sure what I want to do - so many jobs, so little time

But something to do with bikes cool, or winning lottery and working with sharks

Sounds good!

love my job when I’m busy, cause I earn more than a brain surgeon

hate it when I’m quiet as I earn less than MacDonalds worker

Averaging the salary of a roadsweeper right now, but, big plans in the pipeline

I love my job, no one to tell me what to do and I just play music all night cant moan about that really

Can I