Does Anybody Like Their Job?

I’m work in accounts and I can honestly say I hate mine!

I actually dislike the company I work for more than accounting itself. I want to leave but I’ve only been here 4 months job hopping looks bad on the CV. I need to try and stick it out to at least 6 months

If anybody knows anybody looking for a management accountant, i’m your lady

Not that it’s any consolation but I f***ing hate my job too . . . bin doing it so long and I need a complete change . . .

I like my job, but since they introduced the minimum wage I cant afford to work for myself anymore

Been working for the car industry for 9 Years and i LOVE IT!!!.. best job & best company i have worked for, and a bunch of ace people, who keep me amused all day long. Previous to this i was an Auditor & i hated it, so f*kin boring, im glad i changed jobs.

I like my job! Well, I like what I do, anyway. I suppose the word “job” encompasses more than just what ya do…

Quite happy with mine thanks, but hey you can always change it if you are not enjoying it. Ive done it often enough.

Loops, thought you were an “internal” auditor???

I do like my job, but a bit boring (on here all day helps). Am thinking about changing.

I did know of a management accountant job that was going, was offered to me but I turned it down… pm me while I try and remember the details. Tell me your qualy’s and experience etc…

You being rude again

True, I did change and worked in property for over 2 years - funnily enough I also hated that at the end. Only came back to accounting in June this ytear, hence not wanting to hop again too soon!

Any (sensible) suggestions on a career change would be welcomed

I hate my new job but then again I hated my old job as well. Been so busy at new job that havent even had the time to write here or see any of my friends or go for a ride. Few days ago I decided that once in my life I will follow a dream I had since I was little and I will do my C+E license and will start driving a truck at night times. No bosses arses to be licked and me and the empty road at nights. Silly dream but we are all different, I could never work in office 9 to 5.

nothing silly about that dream Trinoo

quite like mine as a rule.

I like my job, but not the hours or some of the people that come in the shop. Dealing with the public can be very stressful sometimes


i hate my job too even more so if my boss is reading is he is a real slave driver never a minuite to relax,

WEll i hat my job and no back up from so called management and its not a safe Job so i’ve decided to change my job. Now what i have got to do is now decide what job to try next

I like what I do as a job but I hate my new manager, how can you possibly get a job in IT and barely even know how to turn on a computer… I did notice some cream around his mouth not sure what that was though

well I can say I love my job working as a confectionary consaltant for cadburys…only worked for them a year before that I had a cafe…got fed up coming home stinking of bacon…

I am soooooooo jealous! How did you get that job? Need an extra set of tastebuds by any chance?

Hi Wolfeyes! Same here. I’ve never really siad I want to do … when I grow up. I just fell into accounting as maths was my best subject at school. (yeah, sad I know)

I wish I was passionate about wanting to do something.

My jobs not amazing but I do like it - I work in IT for a media company and dont really have a boss as such whose always checking up on me, I just have to get my own work done - go to lunch when I like & can work from any one of 4 offices within reason My main office has got its own secure underground parking too which is handy & I get quite a few freebies from clients. Im not a massive IT geek and although it does interest me I dont devote my life to the IT god

Things could be worse Im looking for some cash in hand weekend work if anyone needs a labourer - gotta pay for my new bike somehow!