Does Anybody Like Their Job?

I was lucky my brother worked for them and told me about it…i didn’t think I get it especially when some employers don’t like you working for yourself I am sure they are vacancies round london I pm you once I find out…

Bluestar says the same

Shewoolf would make a mean courier

lol, you might need to wait a while for your delivery though!!

Well i like my job, but sadly i will be made redundant on 1st December…

Saving money yeah right…lets move all the finance functions to Cardiff…and then outsource Accounts Payable to India and then lets payout all those people to leave that dont fancy relocating to Cardiff - so having been here 10 years all i can say is SHOW ME THE MONEY

Now did someone mention a job involving chocolate…yum yum

i get paid to ride bikes and cars.

I get to go fast legally.

I love my job.


I have the best job in the world !

Wouldn’t swap it for anything.

See, I need to find something that ‘inspires’ or ‘excites’ me

It’s only the coppers that like their jobs!!

I don’t like working full stop, but too late to pull a sugar daddy .

Oi ! grimbusa you cheeky git

I dont smell of bacon I smell of donuts and coffee!!!

and yes i do love my job!!! even though as all the other boys and girls in blue on here will know ‘the jobs fooked’

…got fed up coming home stinking of bacon…

she still stinks of bacon , she just dont come home now…

Well in the high pressure sales enviroment that you work in mate I’m surprised your not stressed out to the eyeballs!

Just adding to the abuse you requested

Had a job which I near enough loved with loads of dosh but got made redundant. Got same sort of job and ended up doing 11 hours days (no paid overtime though) so quit. Now doing a totally different type of job for rubbish money but I love it (mind you only been there 2 days

Only been in my new job 6 weeks and hate my boss already, total control freak who wants to know every thing I do, think I threaten her becuase I have more experience and qualifications than her, already had one argument as she re-wrote a perfectly good letter. Her boss is ok though so I have to keep him on side. Planning to give up on the UK at the end of next year and move to far North Queensland to train as a diving instructor.

@Trinoo: funny enough you mention that, I’m doing the same, plan on driving vogntog (big rigs) all around Scandinavia and Northern Europe from next year.

On the whole, done 10 years in IT, money was great, working for investment banks etc. but the people were rubbish. Lost my passion for it and started hating the job. Mainly due to retarded bosses and crappy work environments. Decided to hit the road a year ago and went from ScooterMan to Couriering and now on to trucking.

Freedom of the open road. Can’t beat it

Also working on doing snowmobile and quad tours for a company around here in Lillehammer, as this is the premiere area for these kinds of petrol-head nature activities. Speaking English + German + Norwegian is pretty good for tourism type stuff

And a piece of advice for anyone else hating their job: just switch to do something else, even if you’ll make less money. It’s better to be (relatively) skint and do something you enjoy, than to have loads of money and hate your life for most of your waking hours. Not worth it IMHO!

Now you tell me - next time I read properly from the start