Do You Facebook?

It’s a bad addictive place.

But great to catch up with long lost friends!

So many people claim to have been to school with me. I don’t believe half of them, I have no idea who they are.

It keeps me busy during the work day, that and LB.

Don’t forget the group…

It’s a great place for keeping up with MacP’s injury pics.




My name’s Orla and I’m a FaceBook addict


check out the mould growing on the toes.

How’s it going anyway fella? Journey to russia on track?

I hadn’t noticed the mould. Now I can’t stop rubber necking.

Hence I do not go there… I’m addicted to many places & things already

It’s not mould it’s plaster of paris from where they took the old cast off.

pmsl, I knew what it was having experienced many a broken bone… I was just getting westie to tweak ya balls.

Today LBers mostly seem to have tourettes on my Wall. Should I seek counseling for them?

Wane quer!

Is that a come on?