Dissertation handed in. What the hell will I do now?

Wanted to share some information with you all.
Today I handed in my dissertation after 2 years of near constant work- it was a bit of a mammoth effort to get it done but SO pleased I have.

Technically it isn’t due until mid April but it feels good to get it done early and the pressure is off me now.
What am I going to do with all the free time?


Oh yes, I plan to.
Other than commuting I’ve done hardly any for what seems ages.

I have tomorrow and Wednesday off so will be going out for a blast.
Test riding some BMW’s on Saturday as well.

RIDE & PARTAY!!! Even hit the beach with this glorious March sun we’re having… :smiley:

It always feels great to finish a long term project which is bogging you down and ahead of schedule!.. :slight_smile:

I’ve handed two in of those suckers, always a great feeling of relief… At the time I went to the beach in Greece and smoked and chilled excessively but I didn’t have a bike in those days

As with most, a nice holiday! That’s my plan!

But you will feel a little lost for a while.

Well done for getting done early.

I opened a motorcycle workshop :wink: Good luck!

I’ve got some work for you at my house if you’ve got idle hands! :smiley:

You can come and wash my bike (not a euphemism) that’ll take you a week :smiley:

You never told us, what dissertation was it? Bachelors, Masters, PhD? :smiley:

Do we now call you Dr. Hogtrumpet?

I’m doing a B.Sc in Musical Instruments.
The dissertation is titled "Lean Production and its application to the manufacturing of electric and acoustic guitars’.

Reckon I could easily get an MA out of this if I’m prepared to expand the scope, which I’m thinking about, although I won’t do it at my current university.
Potentially a PhD as well, although I’d have to show it as a new area if research and Lean Production is pretty well established in manufacturing as it stands.

My advice if you want to do a Masters would be to do it soon… it’s funny how quickly you will get used to not having to study and every assignment and piece of work will seem that much harder.

I got wasted and nearly beaten up by a doorman (for dancing like a loon) after I handed my dissertation in. I wouldn’t recommend you do that.

How about you treat your wife to a weekend away on the bikes (change of scene)?

I would if she was close to me- she is off in America on business.
I’m all alone… :crying:

thats easy to fix,
how about you treat your LB friends to a barbecue and drinks weekend to celebrate the end of your studying? :smiley:

Takeaway, porn and a life title wank then? :smiley:

If only.
I’m drip-feeding a farty bulldog 30ml of electrolyte fluids every hour after her eye operation.
Been doing it for the last few days now- it is pretty funny to see:


Not sure if my FB permissions will allow it to be viewed publicly though.
I did make myself salmon and spinach gnocchi though, which was pretty nice.

What an exciting life I have. :wink:

Chicken flavoured Gatorade :ermm:

You tried it yourself :w00t: