Dick Turpin

Rode past The Dick Turpin the other night (Tuesday) and noticed that it was quite busy, see that now the weather is getting better more people are coming out to play (I never stopped) so I was wondering who from LB actually meets here, I live pretty much next door to The Dick Turpin and would be interested to meet fellow LBer’s who live in and around this area or LBer’s who are not lazy and actually ride out to this place, maybe we can arrange a regular meet and do a ride every Tuesday night? Can all come back to mine for tea and hot cross buns 2 if ya like? If there is already loads of ya doing this meet then I would love to join you!

Let me know!

Hi Magic, i live in Southend and visit there a couple of times maybe we could meet up there one tuesday

i norm go down there most tuesdays in summer with suzuki angel, do get a few others pop along, chenster,bikerbunny,blade,bluestar,roadrunner and a few more cant think of names

Loopy goes as well, Shewolfs been there so has Abbeyj and Trisckie says she wants to come down, think Afros been too…few guys from work go there but not on LB…

Andy let me know if ur going next week tues…but to be honest we can always meet at the A127 diner now, so dont have to be only tues meet and ride?..i was going tues but was waiting on Loopy to let me know but id left work and didnt get to my emails and think she had gone off her pc so we didnt get to communicate all that way so i didnt go !! :wink:

As you say, theres always a crowd there anyway…

I’m only in Romford so I’d be interested in this!:smiley:

used to go up there…still do from time to time.

yep went a few times last summer as well…

Be careful about leaving your bike at the a127 diner!! Apparently some Romany neighbours have taken to stealing bits off bikes, and pushing bikes over!

I am the messenger.

LOL - have sent you a PM so we won’t miss each others emails again :smiley:

Sounds good guys, didnt realise there was so many of ya’s that live round my endz, so do we fancy a cheeky meet and possibly a rideout then this tuesday? Meet at 8ish at The Dick Turpin or 127 diner?

Where we wanting to go for a ride?

Be great to meet you all!

I work in southend, I am the head chef of Churchill’s swing by sometime and you may get a special LB discount!

Any time you fancy a ride PM me and we can arrange something!

Andyp69 I remember you and Suzuki Angel, we met at The Dick Turpin last year, be grand to see you again.

Pikey bastards! Come near me fegging bike and i set the dragons on 'em

You might see me up there from time to time at the Turpin.

If so, see you up there.

Not warm enough for you at the mo is it Ratty, bit of rain looming around essex at the mo?

What/where, is churchills? town centre or seafront? pub or restaurant? When its nice and hot (chance will be fine thing) we normally ride into southend after turpins…other than that we eff off home !! :smiley:

been there a few times, good place to meet

its not the weather its the old bill;)


Come on down and see me!

It is 100% fresh food. I make my own mayo everyday and even have a special BBQ sauce (its tha nuts, or at least I think so)

It is just off the town centre and it is a bar/restaurant and nightclub, the perfect venue. It was a complete s^*t hole until recently when my boss purchased it, I been there 6 months, I chucked away the many microwaves they had and designed the kitchen and built a new team from scratch, we are doing really well. The nightclub side of things is doing great aswell.

I will try and organise some LB discounts if there is enough of you guys to make it a regular meet spot?

We do functions and stuff too!

Oh and I am setting up a cookery school too!

Ok business promo done.

See you at Turpin tuesday yeah?

sounds good to me.