dialling danger..

dial danger

about time, turn ya phones of while driving then not tempted to answer it,.

dont agree at all…it should be compulsory for all vehicles to have hands free devices fitted.

Putting people in jail for doing something that everyone does, right or wrong is nuts…

It is not the evil of the world, and yet here we go again another jail sentence applied. The debate is still raging and in the US there are studys saying that the phone call is not the reason for the crash. Infact it was cited that eating hamburgers was worse…in japan receiving a call is the most dangerous time, you have to look to find your phone pick it up and press the receive button. If that coule be made totally hands free then it would be a lot safer…

I agree something has to be done but another pointless law is not the answer…

That`s the most annoying thing i find on the road and glad they are now being serious about it.

I agree that hands free kits should be fitted to cars.

I’m glad I don’t sit at a wheel on my bike, 'cos I do all of those. :blush:

old con: what you in for?

new con: err…

old con: i’m in for two years for gbh with a meat cleaver- what about you?

new con: err, two years for the mobile phone thing :crying:

What about better enforcement of the current law combined with confiscation the offending drivers phone;)

Anything that takes the attention off the road is bad.

You say that now, say this again when you get knocked off by someone not paying attention because they only had one spare hand to drive and could not control the car!!I have had SOOOO many people nearly take me off because of mobile phone use personally I’m glad to see this comming into force…

I often see pedestrians, cars and cycles endanger me because with a phone held to the side of their head the completely block off their peripheral vision on that side with their hand.

Dangerous driving:
:: racing or competitive driving
:: disregarding warnings from fellow passengers
:: reading a newspaper/map
:: aggressive driving, such as sudden lane changes, cutting into a line of vehicles, or driving too close to the vehicle in front

Careless driving:
:: driving inappropriately close to another vehicle
:: tuning a car radio
:: selecting and lighting a cigarette
Jaw-jaw at the wheel is dangerous
Jaw-jaw at the wheel is dangerous

Inconsiderate driving:
:: flashing of lights to force other drivers in front to give way
:: unnecessarily remaining in an overtaking lane
:: driving with lights on full beam
:: driving through a puddle causing pedestrians to be splashed
:: driving a bus in such a way as to alarm passengers

All good, but prison? Come on aint they already at bursting point? We are gonna need alot more prisons.

I also notice that the list does not include doing ones makeup while driving at 85mph on the M25…


ffs…no more kneeing off wingmirrorson the old kent road.:cool:

up too 7 this year…wonder if i can beat my record next year…


I think the prison bit is for extreme cases such as causing a death whilst driving and using a mobile;)

I guess the only answer is more cops on the road to catch people talking on the phone, they will soon stop if they keep getting nicked for doing it…

dannyboy (21/12/2007)

I guess the only answer is more cops on the road to catch people talking on the phone, they will soon stop if they keep getting nicked for doing it…[/quot

more cops on the road?.
we wish…:ermm:

darrylj (21/12/2007)

Ha ha, sure you do.

Of course I did mean more cops to stop people talking on the phone, these cops would naturally ignore any offences relating to bikes and speeding;)

Increasing the penalty will have no effect if people feel they will not be caught. People feel so immune from prosecution that they do it blatantly - neither do they feel it is socially irresponsible because they are happy to let their friends know they do it because they usually talking to them on the phone at the time!

The Government should be looking at enforcing the existing law rather than strengthening it. I am sure that 3 points on a few licenses and a decent fine would soon get the message over.

I am sorry but this is nonsense!!! And another sign of a poorly thought out “idea”.

Now don’t get me wrong I HATE people using their mobiles when driving, it IS dangerous and SHOULD be punished. However suggesting that offenders could face a custodial sentence??? That is far too heavy-handed and contradictory as well.

It is contradictory because we are being told that the prison service can barely cope with it’s current population and the Government announces that they are going to let offenders for more minor offences out of prison earlier to ease pressure.

And now there is talk of trying to put MORE people into prison for a “crime” which will it is inconsiderate and irresponsible is hardly malicious or morally abhorrent. How exactly does society benefit from locking these sort of people up?

The right thing to do is to provide more traffic cops to enforce the law and hand out the fair punishment of points on your licence and a fine.

A better answer to this whole problem with mobile phones (which I have thought for years) is that all cars should have mobile phone signal inhibitors fitted which work when the engine is switched on.

As soon as your engine is switched off - you can use your phone. Therefore taking the decision whether to be responsible or not out of the hands of the not so smart average road user. I can’t see why anyone would object to this, since there can’t be any justification for having your phone “working” when your engine is running.

How about passengers who want/need to use the phone? And what are the chances that it would malfunction in an accident - just when you need your phone to get help?

Surely a better plan would be to have hands free as standard in all new cars by law:)