Diablo Corsa III or Pilot Power 2CT for fast road riding?

Hi guys,

After being on my bike constantly since 12pm yesterday (making most of the sun!) my front tyre is pretty much shagged. My rear tyre is still good.

I currently use Pirelli Diablos, but just recently havent had much confidence in the front when pushing and on roundabouts.

Just wondered, anyone reccomend the Diablo Corsa III or the Pilot Power 2CT, as they’re what Im looking for. And do you know where I can get them cheap? Cheapest Ive found is £192 for the 2CT’s (delivered) or £183 for the Diablos (delivered).

When I get a new set, I will have a Diablo with about 1000 miles on if anyone’s after one?


just got me a new front today!!!

roll on!!


You could run a diablo rear and a diablo corsa 3 front.

I’ve done that before and it works well.

the old bill are still gonna laff at your chicken strips though shane… :slight_smile:

For the damp cold english seasons I run Diablo Corsa III and love em.

They felt good from the first mile to the very last and I use my bike every day all year round, my last set even saw two trackdays and still last three months.

the Artist

they are basically the same tyre by different manufacturers. i doubt you’ll find many people that have tried them both

both should be good. have the 2ct’s myself, great tyre

I have both, corsa III’s on the ten and now 2CT’s on the r1…the 2Ct’s are very good in the wet…still not convinced either is as good as the viper supersports when really pushing it…

you sure know how to push it dontcha mate :wink:

diablo 3’s everytime for me too.

sure do…but thats biking for ya…if ya push hard you’ll get bit eventually…I just push harder than most…should really stay within a comfort zone but never really had one of those…so for now its push push push and eventually there wont be an oops…so far its been 5 track days and two offs…still ahead…but slowly running out of bikes…

Didn’t the R6 cup use the diablo corsa 3 as a control tyre last year?

Look at the times they managed to do on them.

If you think you are pushing the limits of those tyres while doing a minute plus lap of brands indie, you are very much mistaken.

i tried the viper supersport they were good but not that good on long high speed tracks,and the extremes also got to hot too.

short track avons are ok,push hard on a long track like spa and they spoil the trackday.

as the compound is to soft to get the grip.

thats why i went back to diablo 3’s

I have corsa’s on my bike and find them good from the off. i think they have a very similar profile to the 2CT’s. i also had the vipers (standard ones) on a gixxer 750 and found I had more feel from them than the corsa’s. On that basis I would say if you’re not going to do any trackdays give the vipers a try.

Its a good point but pointless here…fast road you are unlikely to get the heat that the guys on track will get…same with myself…when out with b he reckons we were doing 58/59 second laps in the damp…in the dry I wasnt going as slow so what the issue of post 1 minute times is I have no idea, unless your just trying to make out that the tyres are better than me which I already know…still doesnt change the fact that the 2ct’s, let go on track. I am hoping that my track style is getting smoother rather than less harsh but I am still not convinced that either tyre is as good as the Supersport for fast road, and I have never had any such moments on or off track with the vipers although as I say my experience is very limited as regards track days. Dont change the laws of physics though, if the tyre dont stick it will slip and you will come off…no matter the lap times…trouble with the vipers is that they just dont last very long…

the viper supersports will over heat on a trackday as they are to soft and have to much tred on a slowish bike they would be fine.
my mate duncan runs extremes on his 05 R1 and they start to move around.
he run bridgestone 002 st on track now,as they also last longer.

i just really like the diablo 3’s as i get a better feed back from them and when they slide you seem to get a warning.
the avon make really good road tyres but i can’t seem to be able to road and track as well as i can on diablo’s.

tyres on track are a funny thing as my other mate john races in the novice 600 on a new cbr600rr he run racetec’s in the dry and loves them but in the rain they spin up,i told him to run supercorsa’s in the damp/rain as i had the same thing on my old bike,and now he is happy.
my point is that everybody says that the supercorsa and the racetec are the same tyre with a differant badge,but the both give different feed back.

I would have to second <A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl34_smAuthorName onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“void(’’);”>yo spamity spam Supercorsa’s and Racetech maybe be made in the same factory but the feedback they give can be so different depending on the bike and road/track surface I run and luv both brands.

Think I may have to give a set of SuperPros a run on my Silverstone day in two weeks


thing is dude you’re going faster and trying harder now. the 2ct is fine for grip, it’ll just be down to a trade on lean angle vs power vs conditions that did it. for road riding the tyres wont get as hot, but then you aren’t requiring them to do as much - where on the road do you corner at a 100mph with your knee on the deck?damp/wet riding you have to be super smooth to catch the wiggles from any tyre if you’re trying to go fastend of the day tho, its all personal preference - ride with whatever gives you confidence

Sorry, that wasn’t intended as a dig directed at you.

I was trying to show that these sports / road tyres are very, very, good.

All the grip you need to do good times is there, it’s more a case of learning to use what you have.

I’m sure B has stressed how important it is to be be smooth when you’re on the side of the tyre etc etc.

You have a good point about road tyres though, you need something that grips at a lower temperature. The Diablo and diablo corsa excell in this field. I’ve not used michelins for years but I’m told the 2CT thingies are very similar to the DC3.

hey no problem agree with your points totally…my point is that the way I ride is very aggressive with the throttle and on the track I am just way way too hard on the bike and tyres…I personally have a lot to learn about keeping the bike smooth…but it is only my 5th go at it…I will improve…

But the tyres like the viper seem to give more grip sooner than the 2ct’s and corsa III’s in normal road trim, especially when ridding hard…which is the way I ride personally…but for instance on the zx10 the corsa III’s seem fine and have already done more than the Vipers in terms of miles and seem to have at least another 1000 miles on them…thats almost 2 to 3 times the mileage of the vipers…but they are not as sticky as the vipers I am sure…and with my rough style I need all the help I can get…