Demo against bike parking tax this sun

Am prob gonna go to this. Meet at the Ace for breakfast - to leave en masse at 11 for Golden Square. From Golden Square we ride to Westminster Council to hand in court order or sumthin and have a picnic (bring your sarnies apparently :D)

Anyone up for it - its a good cause and we should all be supporting it :slight_smile:

Sorry we`re going to have some fun and visit the channel tunnel death memorial.:smiley:

who do you expect to be there on a sunday? ffs, is it just me or do this lot get worse?

I would but i have to work :frowning:

Some of us actually give a **** - just keep quiet if you don’t, please. This thread is in the wrong place though, I agree with that.

Yes its important to have a good moan and to challenge the authorities about this load of bollix that has been implemented. The thread looks Ok where is it. Its a ride out, meet or event.

eh? not u i guess.

Planned for Sunday 16th August 2009, and will be riddled with symbolism:-

It’s the last day before Cllr Danny Chalkley makes his tax “permanent” (until the Court tells him otherwise!!)

We will be SERVING a mock-up of the High Court Summons, which we want you all to come and sign.

Arrangements so far include a pre-demo breakfast meeting at Ace Cafe which we leave at 11am and head for the main meeting point of Golden Square by 12 midday. Following speeches, there will be a ride-out to Victoria Street to deliver, and thus serve on them a gigantic mock-up of the Court paper which will have room for all to sign.

Campaign supported by:
I also agree that this is in the right Place its an event.

Oh heres just a little more information:)

On the positive side there is free parking.

lol, indeed m8, prob the reason they are doing it on a sunday, wouldnt be able to stop otherwise, :smiley:

if done right etc i might care! but all you seem to do is disrupt traffic (me included trying to get home) or as this 1 go on a sunday when all the councillors will be having a bbq in there gardens etc in the country far away from westminster.

Where did I put that popcorn! :smiley:

Bit grumpy aren’t we?As i said, this affects us all and we should be supporting it

Im going bk to uni in sept and i really dont wanna be paying to park outside my own uni!
I would be there (ive been to every protest) but like i said earlier i have to work :frowning:

haha we managed to stop all right last time and causing traffic chaos is the idea!:D:D it’s great fun and it shouldn’t affect you too much if ur on your bike and not at the demo. If you’re in your car well thats ur problem!:hehe::smiley:


Shhh in the back row… this is a good bit…


U are an A** :smiley: :slight_smile:

He know’s he is but you missed of the ‘X’ on the end of that Ally! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

well I must say thats a great attitude isnt it…basically YOU are saying sod the lot of you Im ok cos Im on a bike ?

And how then is that attitude going to endear you with other road users bikers, cars n truckers ?

personaly Im up for annoying the government and trying to get a point across but pi$$ing everyone off in the process…nope, still you fill ya boots and find it funny while I listen to SENSIBLE arguments about it