Dear LB Agony Aunt

This is the place to get your worries off your chest. If you’re having problems, help is at hand.

Post away and I will offer my words of wisdom.

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Dear agony aunt.

What cures are there for itchy scrot?


Excellent initiative Agony Aunt. If I’m ever worried that everyone hates me, or if people wrongly suspect I’m a nonce - you’ll be the first to know :smiley:

Ah we’ve missed Gina’s Agony Aunt Forum since it was delete some time ago. Maybe all the crap can stay in one place again. :smiley:

Everything creeps me out - people creep me out the most.

PMSL :laugh:

Dear LB Agony Aunt,

I’m worried that my left nut is trying to make a break from me nutsack as it’s hanging lower & lower than my right nut!! Can you shed some advice on this matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Agony Aunt,

why are you in agony so much?


a muppet :w00t:

Dear Agony Aunt,

Why is it that when I ride out on Sundays the rest of my week seems to be about 1000 times more boring than usual?


Dear Agony Aunt,
why do you have the same IP address as someone else registerd on this forum?


Great where do I start …

Money problems ?
Drink problem ?
Kid/Grankid Problems ?
Heath Problems ?
Tax Problems ?

Christ the list is endless :wink:

Dear Agony aunt,

My boyfriend’s penis is too small what do i do? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a tenderizer and beat the winki. It won’t help the girth but think of the length… :D:hehe:

someone’s speaking out of experience here :w00t::hehe:

Dear CHiPs,

Itchy scrot is a common ailment amongst young adults. It is usually caused by wearing tight, or rubber, underwear. Your itchy scrot will probably clear up if you make a few changes to your wardrobe.

Dear tehswerver,

I would be pleased to help you out if you have any issues in the future.

Dear agony aunt, i think your an imposter…:smiley:

Surely rubbing deep heat into them works a wonder or is that an old wives tale ?

Dear NinjaJunkie,

Irrational fear can be problematic. It sounds like you might have social phobia. You might also have GAD (general anxiety disorder). It might help if you took attended some rideouts or even a BMM.

You might find some solace here.