Dear L-Platers (particularly young chavs on R125s in tracksuits and trainers)

Please try and grow at least something that resembles a brain before you do your DAS and get on a big bike. You lot ride like absolute knobs and are a liability on the road. And whilst I’m at it - Charley Booreman look-a-likes on big GSs - just because you sit higher up than everybody else, doesn’t mean you own the fecking road.

Rant over.

Have a good day everybody and stay safe :slight_smile:

125 jealousy? :w00t:

You know better than to generalise like that here…

That’s racist! :smiley: :doze:

Oh come on B, you never got pissed off with someone and generalised on here before?! Everybody is allowed to vent some anger every now and then. Even holier-than-thou people like yourself :P;)

my brother has an R125, Wears all the right gear, and tuesday he made a.small mistake on a corner and hit a car, one broken femur, poss wrist and fucked bike. BOLLOX.

see loads of youngsters flying round.on.em in shorts and t-shirts, oh dear…

Sorry to hear about your brother matey :frowning: We all make mistakes, me included, but some people are just knobs and sorry if I’m pigeonholing, but I was so pissed off this morning. Too many twats on one commute got my blood boiling and I needed to vent it. I will ask banman’s permission first next time :kiss:

Hope you weren’t on the A406 because that’s where I was this morning :slight_smile: I don’t have a tracksuit and trainers and actually share your hatred towards them. But that doesn’t restrict to L Platers, hatchback racers are sometimes even worse

Nope, I was on the A2. Old Kent Road is one long enough hazard as it is, no need to behave like twats and endanger oneself and other people. And that goes to everybody, not just chavvie kiddos and world-touring wanna be’s :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you at Essential last night. Hope yer bros makes a speedy recovery.

uh, when were you two at ER yesterday?

@ NaturGirl

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i am sure you or know others who have started on 125’s

there are idiots on all types of bikes (any other vehicle)

having said that i use the A2 / OKR to commute daily along on my varadero 125. and yes i do weave (filter) in and out of traffic but i always check first i have room.

cagers despise us enough, we dont need other bikers against us though!

I bet you we’re the giant with the star wars T-Shirt?

I was the slightly balding, mildly over weight, blue polo shirt wearing Bandit rider out the front.

I thought it may have been you from the forum, but I was a bit unsure about going up to blokes twice my size and going hey mate are you Heir Schmidt… I’ll say hello next time. :smiley:

You know not to angry at other motorists, it doesn help, just get past them and show them how capable you are :slight_smile:

Old Kent Road would be an option for me if it wasn’t such a **** road. Too many traffic islands, buses, traffic generally slowwww… I try to avoid it if I can. Don’t know where you’re based NatureGirl but maybe try a different commute route?

Is “Cagers” everyones new favourite word, or have I missed something?

Cagers is anyone not on a bike but confined to a cage on wheels…

I am aware of the meaning, just unaware why everyone has started using it in every other topic I read?

I think there are two categoriesof L platers out there…still generalising, but slightly less :slight_smile:

Those who do a CBT which, if we’re honest really isn’t enough training to let a16/17 year old loose on the road with a 50/125cc bike which they are only going to ride (badly) until they can get themselves a car license to drive (badly). Also those who do the CBT just as a quick and cost effective way to get to work.These are the ones who often lack road-craft/sense and have no real desire togain any because, let’s face it, it’s a means to an end.

Those ‘L’ platers who do the CBT then ride courteously, sensibly and generally have the aim of building up to either a full license or at least, life on two wheels of somedescription. (include those who did the CBT as a means to an end but don’tbehave like twits).

Then there’s the pillock (on L plates) who tried to cram himself up the 2 foot gap leftside of me at the lights where I was indicating left last night.

All of us have had the plates at some point, it’s what you do with them that counts…title doesn’t dictate behaviour

I ride OKR everyday. Just a case of taking it quietly and actually looking where you are going. Not a race and no point trying to push in on people either. Yours on a CB250… just take a niiiice quiet ride.