Dear L-Platers (particularly young chavs on R125s in tracksuits and trainers)

You left a 2-foot gap when you were turning left?

My old instructor would have filled that gap and spent the intervening minutes inventing new and exciting ways to combine four-letter words about learners that can’t follow simple instructions…

Perhaps it’s just me?


Well I didn’t get a tape out and measure it
It wasnt as wide as a bike though hence the cram

Irrespective, it was a d!ck move :wink:

I’ve tried different routes LiM, but A2 is still the quickest way to get me into work unfortunately :frowning:

Sorry if I offended L-Platers and GS riders on here, but I really had it today. I’m normally a pretty calm and collected rider (thanks to training with LAM), but the behaviour of some bikers I see every day really got to me this morning. Yes, I was generalising in the heat of the moment, but kids on R125s and men on GSs do stick out for me on my commute - sorry!

The red mist has descended now and I shall turn a blind eye to idiotic behaviour on my way home now :slight_smile:

Yap. Although I would’ve thought the large “Suicide Commando” on my back would’ve been a dead giveaway ^^

have to correct you on that generalisation, not all of us had those annoying plates :wink:

Heh, my instructor mentioned the same. Followed by ‘you snooze you lose’ as he demonstrated his point.

Kinda knew that was going to come back to haunt me :wink:
The sentiment was there though

O.K., with the exception of some of our mainland continental brethren, we’ve all had L plates. I remember I did for a few months (without a CBT) but I was obvious the exception that proves…

I was effing perfect.

everyone (us continentals excluded) had those? What about when doing the DAS, does one get L-plates on the bike for the duration of the testing and stuff?
Genuine question, since obviously I’ve done my license in the Fatherland, not here, meaning, I don’t know all the exact procedure about these little details :wink:

Still generalising on this thread I see… :smiley:

some suicide bikers out there one stayed in my blind stop and then went past as on coming bus was along side me…then he swore at me…prob as i was driving a old bmw…

Thankyou! I took offense to the OPs blanket bombing of 125 riders.

So what happens now once you’re offended? Floods across the world? Earthquakes? Earth will stop revolve around the sun?

We were all youngsters once and doing wild things because we thought it cool. Now authorities introduced learner training laws, and it has gone so far to educate riders of all sorts to be safer on the roads.

But I think the next stage would be to promote that new Japanese sport of moto gymkhana in London to have youngsters have the thrill of competitively speeding around the cones and learn to be better, safer riders at the same time. I gather you fall off a lot whilst learning this sport, so ending up with road rash and minor injuries that will inspire the use of better clothes?

Unfortunately this requires land which is at a premium in the city and no doubt added user fees that would exclude by costs the people living on low budgets. :frowning:

I can’t believe you lot have been on your soap box for 4 pages now!! ha ha ha ha!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

hangs head in shame

naturegirl, do you have a Jardine exhaust on your ER by any chance?

Nope, I’ve got a rather noisy Two Brothers.

Out of curiosity, why do you ask?

hes ok, still alive and its just his leg not wrist as well, bikes better than he is, hardly any damage at all, he definetly came off worse!

i know what ya mean, the ‘L’ Plate commuters whom only ride to get to and from work and thats it…when i couriered i too would get annoyed by them, so i sometimes ‘buzzed’ them, or pullaway from the lights with em and loft the front up right next to them, not clever i know but i was a proper knob when i was a courier:D:w00t:

now days i let em go, one day someone will pull out on them, or like i have seen come veeery close to getting squashed by a bus or lorry becasue they dive up the inside of em…idiots.

leave em too it, let em learn.