Day riding in france anyone? 3rd June

Ok, Who is up for a day riding the french roads on june the 3rd? Eurotunnel can get us there for £26,00 return, which is pretty good for this time of the year.

Leaving Folkstone by 8am and coming back same day by 8pm.


In principle I am interested, but am busy 3rd June, wedding! I have not ridding on the continent before, so maybe silly questions but are the drivers any better?

Drivers are way better in France, much more fun.

Do I take it this is a men only run? The ladies seem to be doing there own thing so surely its a chance for us to get out on our own…

I’m up for it!

As we can be ‘superior’ lol! Everyone is welcome!

On a serious way now. We could have two groups here, one for those that want to ride faster and one for those that want to take it easy!

The first group Will obviously leave us behind and meet for lunch on a predetermined place. the second group rides at the pace of the slowest person up to the meeting point!

How’s about that for a start? I need volunters to be guides and tails… I can be The tail for the second group as i got GPS. charlie? Do you volunter to lead for the first group? Puppy? Dan? Matt? Barro? Volunters plase!

Well first we need people to go, lol

i’d be interested in that, i’ve never ridden in france before!

yes we are up for this but we may well join you just for a short period and then off to Burgandy… ( House Hunting ) …

We “may” be going this weekend instead as its a long weekend i’ll let you know… Also for £9.99 when you book the train get the european breakdown cover. Well for the £10 !

Great ! So comfirmed then:


Who else?


I’m up for it if there are some others riding like Miss Daisy

if Lady Pillion comes i’ll have to go in the group that doesn’t go over 115???

On a different day, I’d like to come, in the slow group I think though. With Miss Daisy??? Please remind me about riding on the other side of the road!

Don’t you remember the film “Driving Miss Daisy”

I not a great speed merchant either so if there are enough Daisys, or should that be Daisies?, out there then let’s run a slow group as well

I never saw that film but remember it was about old people? I have you know I am 21!

Fingers crossed for better weather for you, have a great time. Today has been brilliant so far, dare not breath now.

Ok, for now then are going:


Please keep this as your last post so we don’t loose track of how many are going!

Am interested, wont have kids and could very well strap a slab of stella to the back. Fingers crossed about engnes mounting bolt…

Sorry Tricks - looked into this last year - you cant ride in the continent with L plates…

So theres your incentive…

sounds good but when i went on the site it was £23 each way

opppss wrong day, yea that sounds good, never been riding over here b4

never ridden in france, and its a saturday so yes put my name down.