dark visor

hi, i wanna get a dark visor as never had one before, where is the best place to shop for visors.:smiley:

anne-marie (16/08/2009)

hi, i wanna get a dark visor as never had one before, where is the best place to shop for visors.:D[/quote

At a visor shop:D

I got mine from Helmet City, £45 knocked down to £35 although that was probably due to me buying a new Shoei lid, although to be fair to the guy he did do me a deal on everything I bought, helmet, gloves, dark visor, spare pinlock and visor bag, knocked between £5 and £10 of each item. The guy was very friendly and helpful and the pries were comparable if not better than most places I’d looked at or visited. :smiley:

They are out just past Biggin Hill, easy to find once you know how but a bit tricky the first time! :wink:


ha ha ha very funny.:smiley: rob

www.visorshop.com - used them a few times, very good and super quick delivery

oh by the way rob if your after triumph clothing you can get some at british home stores what size do you take. 34dd:hehe: “triumph makes the bra for the way you are”.:w00t:

+1 for these guys, fast delivery too!

Hi AM the alternative if you’re using the Pin-Lock visor system is to fit a tinted Pin-Lock shield! £16.00:cool: If you’re out later than planned you can remove it so you dont have to ride it your visor open after dark.


They get around any legal issues too I would imagine?

I used Racevisors.co.uk for exactly those inserts, one clear and one tinted. :slight_smile:

OK - WTF is it with dark visors - do dibble turn a blind eye to darkies? I seen so many bikers pass me with obviously blacked out visors and I start to wonder if I’m the only one not wearing one on a sunny day.

Or am I wrong, and these are just light tint but look dark from the opposite angle??? (sorry Anne-Marie - not trying to hijack the thread, but think it kinda fits with what you’re asking).

Being a user of a light tint pinlock insert, I agree with Sneaky that they are the way to go :slight_smile:

Yes you are:D

:PJust coz you want her babies:Perm… and by the way - I got this one and a few more of you in your pristine Triumph jacket:

Cheers mate:D Thats the day Anne-Marie did a no show:w00t:

Well, she weren’t in that pic and she ain’t in this one:…and I don’t remember seeing her that night, so yeah - that was the night she was a no-show :smiley:

Made me all those promises and got me all excited:w00t: Bloody bitch:D

So did Shane :smiley:

Yeah but we know about shane he had a bloody good excuse:D Like to here her excuse:D

Anne-Marie - your public awaits… ;):P:D

Stevie when she comes back on-line your in trouble for hijacking her thread:w00t::smiley: Just a thought i wonder why she wants one of those dark visors:Whistling: