I just got flashed in the limehouse tunnel.

There goes the clean license… :frowning:

Are they the new digital ones in there mate ?

If they are of the old style that uses proper film then keep your fingers crossed that the film has been used up !

You naughty boy.

Completely my fault, just got it into my head it was a 40 limit.

I was doing less than that, but obviously enough to get flashed.

Not sure if they are digital or film based.

Getting flashed is not that bad…

sorry to say that they are digital and i was caught the same way this time last year :frowning:

dont want to give you false hope but despite them being digital, both myself and my mate have been flashed in that tunnel and not heard anything. mine was marginal so could have been another vehicle but my mate got way too excited on his new bike and forgot there was one on the way out and steamed into it big time (and he’s lived in the area for ages so was really daft, had to laugh at him a bit for that one).

they’re floor mounted sensors rather than the normal radar as i understand it due to them being in the tunnel. not sure if this affects how bikes are prosecuted or not.

the two week wait begins!

clean license? whats that?

Join the club…

Exactly…6 points since before I had a licence

Is a bike license a seperate entity to a car license, or just an extension of?

If I have 6 points on my car license and get 3 more on my bike, am I on 9, or on 6 and 3… if that makes sense?

Good luck though, hopefully it’s firing blanks.

AFAIK it’s the same account. Which sucks if you drive for living and loose it because of speeding on a bike…

But I’m not 100% sure.

Was it one flash or two - as

one flash = warning your going a bit fast

two flash’s = 3 points +£60 fine


(and One Licence = all points gained - going onto one licence!!) sorry!

Bugger. Luckily I think my 6 points are coming off this year… woo hoo

Mind you, last time I just got 6 points removed… I put the current ones straight on

My only 3 points “touch wood” were on my 125cc 2 1/2 yrs ago!

Think it was two flashes, not 100% though.

Well good luck!


Not the best timing, was about to start ringing round for insurance quotes for a new bike.

Do it now before the points arrive - then it won’t affect your policy till next year - when your years no claims will even it out!!

I think we mentioned it before, but I really don’t think speeding points make much difference these days. When I was getting my quotes, I did one with my 6 points and one without, I don’t think it was more than a couple of pounds difference. Try it yourself with one of the online quote websites.

I got flashed through there with Killer #1 on our way back from the ExCel bike show. I’ve heard nothing of it, and don’t think he has either. Bear in mind this is a good few weeks ago now, but fingers crossed.