Keti how long usually you have to wait for a ticket for speeding?

points dont make as much difference on bikes for some reason, but punch you in the wallet on cars.

normally the first offence you declare makes marginal difference, the second onwards starts to be a wounder

I had more than my fair share of tickets last year…I must not get any this year!

I must not get any this year!

I must not get any this year! (Repeat 100 times!)

That tunnel is terrible… done exactly the same meself. Was in the car… doing about 40 cos its a duel lane, didn’t notice the signs. I hate them, where you are not exactly sure what time you are allowed to do. Had 3 points in the past when the limit drops from 40 to 30… Also wanted to be on the inside as I was going left but I had one of those really annoying drivers (in a vovlo) sat on my rear 3/4 where I wanted to be so I had to speed up or slow down to get round him. Just noticed the lines on the road when inside the tunnel. On a normal bit of road you have some warning but because it was a bright sunny day the inside of the tunnel is dark so you couldn’t see them. Didn’t get flashed though.

Number plates are a really handy thing to use to carry your helmet bag… apparently

Well that’s two weeks :slight_smile:

Do they get any extra time to let things get through the post?

I heard about this geezer who took a photograph of himself standing next to his bike, with a different set of leathers and lid on and apparently claimed it was not him in the picture and that clearly someone had cloned his number plate. This would of course be very naughty indeed and I would not condone such naughtyness, and I am not suggesting you do this either.

Well it’s well past two weeks now and no ticket so it looks like I got away with it. :slight_smile:

i second that!!!

i hope nothing comes of it!! beginers luck in fines ahh

and i thought they have to let u know within 2weeks so u may well have got away with it