Custom map on iphone?

Hi looking at GPS apps / using Navmi and its awesome but you cannot customize maps.
anyone using custom option on ios? cannot find anything that will work :confused:

What do you want to customise? Just to provide an image file and the coordinates of a corner?

no, instead of normal a to b l want scenic routes that l choose :slight_smile:

Oh, you want to customise the route. I use CoPilot, which is pay-for. You used to be able to co-erce Google Navigation into following routes, by:

  • Create the route on a PC
  • Email the link to some account you’ve got configured on your phone
  • Open the email on your phone, tap the link, open it in Google maps.

but I’ve not tried it recently, and I’d not be surprised if it doesn’t work any more.

Why not just use a Sat Nav?

Or a proper map?

or a proper map!

I just assumed everyone did before plotting to co-ords into their Sat Nav or other device

Note if it ain’t a Sat Nav its a compromise

I really don’t think so. Certainly the budget sat navs are no better than the phone ones, and often decidedly worse (especially than the paid phone ones), and I’ve ranted on here before about how not-good I think the expensive bike ones are (or at least were). I do excel at getting annoyed with shitty user interface design, but I think some of the problems with satnavs (like traditionally being restricted to landscape…) are fairly objectively wrong.

a proper map? like A-Z you are saying? cmon its 2015 :slight_smile:
no sat nav because:

a) l have a phone with unlimited (10gb) data
b) got charger for it
c) have no $$$ for fancy extras

:))) Thanks Big Red S - will try coPilot, dont mind paying for an app

Big Red S - is it the one £25 ? :slight_smile:

having a smart phone with unlimited what ever is fine
when you use satnav on a smart phone make sure you can charge it after an hour or so

Yeah, that’s the one I’ve got (on Android). There might be a cheaper UK-only one, too.

got it! will test it this weekend :slight_smile: thanks !

Just a word of warning I used co pilot on my last ride out.

I use Waze, it’s free (or was) and it can remember routes you use often.

just spend 2h editing my new route for this weekend, avoiding motorways and detouring on B roads. exciting times! :slight_smile: thanks for your help

Oh dear

have to say - copilot worked a treat! no problems so far (touch wood)

No problems?

I hope the two hours included a learning curve. On paper and ITNConverter I can have a ride out locked and loaded onto the TomTom in 10 minutes. More complex routes can take a little longer, for example a five day tour of Scotland may take 45 minutes, an hour at the most once you’ve got your over nights sorted out.

i dont have a TomTom NT, l paid £15 for and app not £300 for another device :smiley: thanksbutnothanks :slight_smile: happy so far! :))