Cubana - 27th Sept

Sorry mate, couldnt make it…see u at ace on sunday prob?

Nuts, just remembered its BSB…

just a few people there, …oh and i got to meet Sally, when Frannie met Sally lol… no she didn’t do that thing on the table faking an orgasm, before you ask. but she told me off for something i didn’t do, thinking it was me, before i even said hi.


Blade, a few of us are off to BSB Sunday if you fancy meeting up and coming along. Have posted in Rideouts section.

And sorry I couldn’t get to Cubana last night; something cropped up and then it got a bit too late once sorted. See ya next week hopefully.

Anyone else see the half dead guy lying in the road up from Cubana at about 18:30 ? Looked like he was on the receiving end of a car! I just road past the “body” and Cubana on my way home… hope the dude is okay…

it was probably CaptMoto when he left last nite…he is such a bad boy and soooo young!

yep…i hope he is ok too

Was good to see you all again! I got some snaps, will share later perhaps, though we’re very busy right now preparing for BSB at the weekend. Sorry we had to leave early as well, but again, too many things to do…

Tex, didn’t see any guy in the road, no! Weird! Why don’t you stop next time at Cubana?

No thanks Salee, I am alive and well, the old fellow who was knocked down I saw it happen, it was his own fault, the dizzy fukka crossed the road in front of a bus, not on a pelikan crossing and not a light, and a right nuisance cause due to his stupidity he created a heap of traffic.

Thanks for the so young compliment by the way x but me a naughty boy?? never

Great to put a name to a few faces last night even though I couldn’t stay long…next time!

Don’t blame me for the lame revving to let you hear my pipes on the way out - I was being encouraged!!!

Hope you had a good laugh at me exiting the wrong way on the one way street … and I was only drinking Coke…

She told me that “she thought I’d be a nutter” when we first met ( in the nicest possible way natch )

I mean me… really… not me

Encouraged?! I was doing no such thing!

Lovely bike, fantastic noise! Made mine sound like a sewing machine

i expect the curlers were under the crash helmet…lol

nice bike…and i hope you give us more of your time soon

Thanks Uber

Btw I like your Avtar - who is it / wheres it from?

Hehe - ta! It’s from a photo called ‘Crossing the Ohio River’ by Danny Lyon -

Ride mag had it last month when they did a big feature on choppers/bobbers/cruisers. Great photo!

Right now I understand (?) - In which case I’m changing my Avatr to somebody who ( I have been told ) I look like (apart from the wig

Good crowd, whether people post if they are going to turn up or not you can count on sound people being there. Reeeeeeeeeeespect!

nice to meet you nuts…

Got there a bit late wearing a whistle and bikeless due to the company i had.

Saw a few LBers still there at about 1030ish.Was then accosted by a complete nutter who was o f f his t*ts on something illegal.

There are some odd characters down that way(LBers not inc.)

twas a goodevening,

met Salee, Nuts, Charly, Sincere, JoeZX12 and others who already know me

Had a spirited ride to the curry house with Charly and Nuts, needed to wear out my rear tyre so few burnouts and skids had to be done

turned up pretty late on the brusied and battered bike… daunted by the big crowd and hid in the corner… sorry guys !