Cubana - 27th Sept

Hi all,

So whos going tonight - gonna be getting there around 7.30 me thinks??

Hi Jerome, I’ll be there tonight, probably about 6.30. Hope to see a good crowd tonight - keeping fingers crossed for the w.e.a.t.h.e.r!!

Nope, sorry. No-can-do, got a hot date with a dog. I suppose that should be a hot dog??

Have fun guys x

We’ll be there, from about 7.30+, see you there!

At college learning how to fix my bikes - just as well as both are now off the road

As the man from Honda say when he broke something BORROX

got a date with a Web Developer, gotta sit there and listen as he talks code at me


Doubt I’ll get down there today as I’ve got a work leaving do just round the corner

Its gonna be a very empty car park tonight then.

How has it been doing ? I dropped by there quite some time back, seemed pretty busy back then…

Nah, most people don’t post up that they’re going, or read these threads

I haven’t checked this thread, and I am not going to post that I am going to go


No idea mate havent been for ages since the staff in there p1ssed me off and I had to wait 45 mins for a drink. That was months ago.

What’s the weather like in town today?

Windy afternoon

That’s a quote from BBC Weather forecast for this pm in London

At least no rain, n 21c

Scorchio for end of Sept

Terry, come along, you can always get a drink at the many other shops around there, like the rest of us do mate. Drink on me eh.

I think he could have drunk his tears he has been crying over that for months… come Terry dont be a homo ill buy ya can of fizzy pop, from the shop, whoa im a poet and i dont even know it…there i go again

Not tonight…working gggrrrrrrr

going to be at work for the foreseeable future, though if there’s anyone there when I do escape i’ll be sure to drop in.

Well… in typical Keti style, I wasn’t going and I ended up there anyway

a very pleasant evening spent with young men in leather…oh and a few laydees

thank you

and thanks Johnybusa for accompanying me