Council 20 MPH Blanket Areas ... anyone been done????

Just wondered as I have been riding round a few recently = speed bumps everywhere and 20mph restriction everywhere.

Noticed that nobody takes much notice of them - but of course plod might make an exception - although I understand the Met refuses to enforce them…

ANyone been done ( apart for a mate who was doing 27mph over Waterloo Bridge and got caught ab an Av speed camera (speed awareness course)

Just wondered???

Where did you hear that ?

I asked this before

Its seems no one knows anyone who was doing over 20 and less than 30 that got done

I am yet to see any cars including police cars that obey it in Camden

I think the original Met statement was that they wouldn’t routinely enforce them but I heard that stance had hardened slightly last year.

Wonder if they will be stopping cyclists too if they break the speed limit.

Likewise people seem to just drive at the same speed as the previously would.

I don’t think it’s illegal to break the speed limit on a bicycle.

That’s a result, it says bicycle on my tax disc :wink:

it is.

The internet disagrees I understand that Richmond Park has some kind of byelaw that allows the parks police to issue fines for speeding bicycles but other than that it would have to be some kind of reckless cycling charge rather than speeding.

I have no way of knowing how fast I’m riding my bike without doing an on-the-fly calculation based on gear inches and pedal rpm.

ah right, I was sure I’d seen people in the news being caught speeding.

Could well be Richmond park - there are pretty regular parks police crackdowns on the lunatic wannabe Wiggins who fly down the corkscrew at 40mph towards bewildered herds of deer & pensioners.

I live in Dunstable and we were hit with a blanket 20mph speed limit on all but major roads, it’s ridiculous, IMO 20mph is way too slow, I agree in roads with schools or playgrounds but a blanket limit is stupid, I have found that people now drive at 30mph and not much more, I reckon it’s their backwards way of getting people to stick to the original limit! :slight_smile:

if it suceeds then wouldn’t that be a forwards direction? :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH, the young idiots I’ve seen in luton/dunstable ragging around in their 3 series beemers, 20mph sounds like a good idea.

also at all times …so 2:00am on tuesday morning…should be going 20mph…not a chance!

how about on a wednesday instead? :smiley:

wednesday would be going 21mph at most! :slight_smile:

I never see people sticking to these. Even police, I’ve been behind a few and see them creep up to 35mph etc

I thought it was set to get people to not go over 30mph? I see loads of cyclists travelling quicker than 20mph.

I just had a thought. Does this mean highway code is changed? I remember 3 years ago when passing 30 mph was the limit in built up area’s if no signs where up but lamp posts etc

I read somewhere - about a year ago when the City announced that it was going 20mph - that the Met had ‘no plans’ for 20mph enforcement… obviously that has changed as Monkimark says , however I thought it was refreshingly pragmatic of the Met, it seemed to be saying that they had better things to do… (and also inferred that the Met considered 20mph blanket enforcement a bit silly and definitely something that would unnecessarily upset the general public .

I would guess that (not counting outside schools and small fully residential streets where 20mph speed bumps enfore it anyway ) it is generally seen as a silly limit introduced for political rather than practical reasons (especially since it operates all though the night when kiddywinkies are all tucked up in bed and there are few, if any pedestrians or cyclists about ),

Therefore ‘cracking down’ on it would be a bad move for Police PR…

Rusty99 … what is the Met’s take on it…???