Contact lenses..........

Can’t find a thread on this…I’ve just got my first ever set and they are not easy to get on with. I struggle to get them in then my eyes water like crazy for 10 mins then OK.

I am wondering about wearing them on the bike (with visor open).

Is the above scenario normal in the begining and will I be OK wearing them on the bike or will they get blown around/out?

They are brilliant when in and settled though.:slight_smile:

Yes, normal scenario :cool:

I wear them daily and do everything with my lenses in and never lost one yet :wink:

i fookin hate em…really…i cant get my head around em…

takes forever to get them in…they make my eyes feel like chit for about 20 mins…then im forever blinking while the’re in…

and i hate touching my eyeballs…:blink:

naa…tried them…did’nt like em…so binned em…


I use them every day.

Can’t stand wearing glasses on the bike.

Only time I get the eyewater thing when putting them in is if I get one in inside out, that’s a real bugger.

they are to much hassle for me plus i hardly wear my glasses let alone contact lenses.

I wear mine all day everyday and get on just fine, I don’t even know they are there! Can ride along with my visor open no probs at all, don’t think you’ll ever lose one like this :slight_smile: You’ll get used to them I am sure :slight_smile:

Had a girlfriend that used to wear them all the time. Even slept with them in :w00t: but mabe that was so when she woke she wouldnt freak out when she saw me first thing. Come to think of it she probably did freak when she saw me first thing and thats why it didnt last. :smiley:

?? :slight_smile: better taking them out then :wink:

LOL never tried taking someones contacts out while they slept.

I used to wear them 20 years ago. About to go and have my eyes checked and wear them again. Tired of glasses steaming up and they are just plain uncomfortable at times. Won’t stop me wearing a Flip Lid though, I likes them!

ive been wearing contacts for years so it takes me secs to out them in.

for the past 4 years ive been wearing monthly ones - the ones you wear all month.

I put a fresh pair in at the beginning of the month and only take them out (to throw them away) at the end of the month.

I sleep, do sports, swim (carefully), ride and go about my daily life forgetting im blind as a bat!

really recommend these

Thanks for that…Just searched for a supplier in Spain and they are about 2 miles from me…going to check it out.

Heya - there are many different types, the below are ones I have experience of for the last 15 years. What do you have?

gas disposible - thick lens, small and hard, felt like I had a mini bumper car whizzing round my eyes every time I blinked

monthly disposable - sleep in them for a month - quite soft - in my opinion dangerous - I got mild contact lens overwear syndrome from them (where the blood vessels grow and potentially send you blind).

See here for CLARE:

daily disposable - very soft and flexible to the point that occasionally my clumbsiness breaks one

my list of advice is below:

  • get the high water content ones - this will improve the moisture in your eyes and reduce the abrasive dry feeling

  • use daily disposable lenses: the most hygenic and the thinnest ones, so that you are likely to be the most comfortable

  • never wear lenses for more than 8 hours

  • join a monthly direct debit plan - specsavers have the best one that ive tried (tried boots and d&a and theyre a bit expensive): you get sent daily disposable lenses in the post and it included a free annual eye test plus you can get a few free lenses if you are away from home and need a few just to get you through the weekend e.g. youve gone up to Edinburgh for a weekend and forgotten them, so you pop into the shop where they phone your home store and verify your prescription and the fact that youre on a DD plan and then give you the lenses…

Errmmm…not sure…they are very soft and thin but I take then out every night and they last for a month…I don’t wear them all the time , they are for reading/close up work , and only wear them if I’m doing a job where normal specs are likely to fall off and disappear into the oily bilges of a boat…They are brilliant for this and worth the hassle when I need them

I have some daily disposable ones that I use mainly for riding out. Once you are used to them you’ll be able to fit them in 2 minutes and 2 minutes later you’ll not feel a thing.

glasses for me ! my eyes feel very gritty couldnt put up wiv contacts, :slight_smile:

for real. I used to wear my lenses pretty much every waking hour for 10/15 years. Then once I went for a check up and the optician said that I was at risk of permanently damaging my eyes form over-wearing them - even though they were high water content they still stop the oxygen getting into the eye.

Now I only wear them occasionally. I used to hate wearing glasses, but get less bothered by them now

Yep if you get em round the wrong way you’ll know about it! Once mine are in they are settled after about a minute, i didnt get on with them at 1st but once u get the hang of them their brilliant.

I’ve only lost 1 from having my visor open & thats because I was doing motorway speeds so for general riding they should be fine.

I use the daily disposable ones, I order them from ASDA as they were the cheapest at the time, half the price the optician on Tottenham Court Road was asking for the exact same lenses.

So much better than having to wear glasses :slight_smile:

same as a lot of others,I use dailies, they can be a pain to fit as they are so flimsey,but otherwise no probs. I tend to ride with visor part down to deflect the occasional greenfly or other bug as they are incredibly annoying if they get under the lense brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Got to find out exactly what mine are…they are very thin and often flip round the wrong way during my hamfisted attempts to put them in…once in and settled they are great so I guess I’ll get used to them:)