Contact lenses..........

yup worn them for yonks - mine are monthlies that i take out at night (cant get on with glasses :()as powerpuff girl says better get the higher water content ones - ive had some makes that irratated my eyes but the thinner “wetter” ones go straight in with no probs

if theyre easier to put in when theyre new then it could be theres still some cleaning stuff left on them - try dailies or use tons of saline to rinse them :)i use mailorder with these guys :slight_smile:

I wear them mainly in holiday so I can wear sun glasses, when it is sunny for same reason and on the bike. Since the weather didn’t permit any of them for the past year I stopped wearing them:):):slight_smile:

I kinda prefer my glasses for around the house, when I use the PC I don’t wear anyting as I don’t want my eyes to get anyw orse.

Honestly when you did your test they should have seen if you could wear conatcts. 10 minutes of eye watering or unconfortable feeling is not good…

The monthly ones are better if you wear them every day but they are thicker than the daily ones, daily ones feel lighter and you just pop them out and throw them away:)

If you know your prescription have a look here:

That’s where I buy mine, seem cheaper than the high street ones and you have a big choice, I tested just about all of them and all the coloured ones too:):slight_smile:

It could be the way you’re putting them in ? I’ve seen quite a few people put them in and end up making their eyes stream like mad. It’s usually when they plonk the contact lense directly onto the cornea, or just below it whilst looking up. It’s a very sensitive area and you shouldn’t need to touch it and irritate the eye.

The way I was taught (and have done for the past 18 years) is to line up the lense in front of the eye, look towards the nose and put the lense on the white part. With your finger still on the lense, look back to the centre until it’s in place. Job done.

I’ve always used monthly disposables and never had a problem. You must make sure your hands are ultra clean though. A tiny spec of dirt or whatever can feel like a stone under the lense.

Thanks for all the tips…just got to keep at it I guess.

I find them great when this happens…:slight_smile:



heres a trick to ‘put’ the contacts in secs

put the contact on the white of the eye first and then slide it onto the eye.

so for left eye :
look right
place lense on the white (on the left of your eye),
look forward while holding the lense
the lense will slide on the eye (well the eye will move under the lense)

right :

do reverse


i havent been back for mine yet, but i recently got measured up for the RGP lenses (hard contacts:w00t:) i havent had a chance to get used to them yet, but i had them in my eye for about 30 minutes and teared up the whole time, until the nice Dr Lady pu anesthetic in my eye :smiley: that stopped the tearing and the rapid blinking…
i was also wondering how people got on with it, do you have to stop regulary apply eye drops? do u ever get used to the feeling of the contact moving slightly when u blink?

I started wearing daily disposables about 2001 but only occasional use for evenings as I did a lot of salsa dancing and didn’t like wearing glasses for it.

I got contact lenses by post 30 pairs every 3 months so enough for a couple of days a week, however my eyes get very dry and I could tell the prescription wasn’t great as I found my vision was getting poorer especially noticible when driving/riding at night and so I let the subscription lapse last year.

I decided to start my lenses back up again due to the inevitable glasses steaming that happens under the helmet in the winter. It’s really annoying.

I recently went back to the opticians to get my prescription renewed and they’ve found out that I have a slight astigmatism in my right eye that my glasses correct for but that wasn’t corrected for in my old lenses so they’ve switched me onto some different daily disposibles - ACUVUE moist’s. They’re so much nicer to wear than the old ones (Focus dailies) as they’re softer and moister, much more comfy.

I do find they are a bit floppy when putting them in which means I have to let them dry on my finger for a few seconds before trying to put them in, but generally I don’t have a problem and can put them in in only a couple of minutes.

Contact lens technology is getting better all the time, the lenses I’m using now are MUCH better and more moist than the ones I was using before.

I just bought my first full face helmet in years (I’m usually a flip fan due to the glasses amongst other reasons) as I’m going to try to get back to wearing the contacts more regularly - I may even have to up my subscription regularity!!

well after 20+ years of contact lenses, I’ve finally taken the plunge and booked for laser :w00t: