Congratulations to Mrs Smiled

Well its been a long tough road but Mrs Smiled today had her exam results for her second year Nursing…and she passed!!!:w00t:.

Inbetween her first and second year, she has had so many rough roads to go down with fighting dislexia, having our stunning little girl Roo and a tests for cervical Cancer but she done it, and i am so proud of her…:smiley:

So a big well done too you my luv, only one more year left, and most of that is practical so you’ll have it in the can…:wink:

heres to you!!


Well done Mrs Smiled:)

(Will she get the uniform now?:wink: )

Well done that women, excellent news for Tams

Ohhh and you forgot another thing



Well done Mrs Smiled :slight_smile:

It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be … and when she comes home she’ll shout “Don’t come anywhere near me - I’m covered in MRSA/Swine Flu/[insert vile sounding ikky stuff here]” :laugh: Glam or what

you’ve forgotten she lives with Smiled none of that will be disgusting to her.

Congrates on passing, the final year will flyby


hope the next year go well :smiley:

Very well done to her :smiley:

Brilliant news :smiley: well done luvvie;)
And yeah must have been hard at times i mean c’mon having smiled and Roo to look after like having 2 kids aint it lol:P

Very well done Mrs Smiled, good luck for your final year.:smiley:

Awesome news. Congrats Tamms!

Well done for baby sitting 2 little’uns… :smiley:

Anyone that goes into that line of working is an absolute star.
They’re not known as Angels for nothing.

Well done so far to Mrs Smiled. Give her my best.

+1 I have nothing for respect for nurses after they did a great job looking after my mother when she was in hospital for months (my first experience with the UK NHS system)… good banter also with a lot of them (which was very much needed in difficult times), especially when Ireland was playing in the World Cup (most of the girls on the ward were Irish)…

I’ve troubled a few over my years as well with gashed heads and fractured limbs and most of them have been absolute stars

Well done to Mrs Smiled, I’m in the profession myself on the psychiatric side :slight_smile:

deserves a Nobel prize for that one

Well done Mrs Smiled! Am sure you’ll pass the 3rd year without any problems :smiley:

Don’t listen to Mr-C… I don’t come in saying that after every shift :hehe:

Quit your jibber jabber and get back to chasing old men :stuck_out_tongue:

Hush you…I meant to say if Mrs Smiled wants any advise/help feel free to pm me (I’m a cardiac nurse btw!)

A big Well done.

Well done that girl!

Well done Mrs Smiled :smiley: