i have a … packard bell, EASYNOTE E6100 laptop,

can some one please tell me how to do am aster reboot,

i was refresh the whole thing as it is broken,

it wont let it start up??

it comes up witht he black screen and everything, like

1.start windows in safe mode

  1. start windows normally…blah blah blah,

what ever one i choose it begins to start up, the windows screenw itht he moving blue icon comes up then it just… dies… goes black and shuts down completely!!!

help me please!!!

there is a reward for it at borough this week

probably a tea and a very expensive sausage roll thingy, lol,


sounds really fcuked… might seem stupid but try taking out battery and leaving alone for few minutes…

same thing happend to a work laptop (dell) and the above worked… (while we were trying to figure out what to do)

battery has been out and left alone for…1 month??

so did it start up… atall??

maybe battery is flat?

ps. im no help am i?

Stick in a Windows XP install disk, boot and reistall from scratch.

Sounds like it could be a virus, or corrupt hard drive. Reinstalling windows from scratch should check the drive for errors as part of the install. A brand new install will write over all the old stuff on the drive too though…

erm ok…what if dnt have said xp cd??

I assume you have the Window’s CD/DVD? Stick it in the drive and boot up. Hopefully you’ll get the option to try and repair the copy of windows that’s already on there, if not you’ll need to install a fresh copy as the problem you describe doesn’t sound good to me.

then you need to get* one


looks that way dont it…

I would point you in the right direction, but wouldn’t want to get a TORRENT of abuse !


haha DOWNLOAD IT IS!!! dnt car eif it is illegal, so are alot of things!!!

If you havn’t got the restore cd, download the recovery console from the link here

Burn onto a cd as an IMAGE and use the recovery console to fix the problem.
This will be helpful :

Use the comand prompts chkdsk and fixboot in particular. I would explain it properly but short of time at the moment.

And don’t buy a packard bell again.

i aint guna buy packard bell again

I was given a packard bell with a 3 year warranty, DAMN am I glad about the warranty so far in the last 18 months it has been back like 6 times… motherboard, keyboard, HDD, cd/dvd player(going back again because of this as well)…

I would not touch them again if you paid me, I only use mine because it was given to me…

okay, made the cd thing put it in laptop…now what??

follow the instructions amigo… it is simple, be warned though is going to WIPE everything on your laptop

any trouble bell me up on the number I gave you

yea okay, seems LB has a few comp geeks on here lol

Dont buy a MAC! (he, he! me again).