Commuting Camera ..... ? Helmet, Wired, Bluetooth, permanent, film crew ..... ?

After an accident about a year and a half ago (car U-turns in front of me and had nowhere to go but into her door) I decided having a video camera was a good idea. After a lot of umm’ing and ahh’ing I went with the DRIFT Ghost S …

A great camera for acting as my day and evening riding guardian angel.

Now this lovely little camera is supposed to be not only great for imagery, but also is ‘waterproof’. Well listen up DRIFT, its as waterproof as my Samsung S6 was (which was also supposed to be waterproof) - rain is obviously different to swimming pool and sea water!!

I’ve tried the airing cupboard and the bag of rice … but still I have a lump of plastic and electric components that refuses to do what it used to.

So … what next in terms of a replacement?

Do I go back to a helmet camera - with the question of whether riding (or is that crashing) with a camera strapped to your noggin is actually such a good idea.

Do I go for sticking a camera to the bike - with the likely future moment when I realize I’ve left the camera on the bike for the last 3 hours in a London street !!!

Or do I go for a permanent ‘hidden’ camera, running off the bikes power and feeding a DVR housing under the rear pillion seat?

Thoughts and (sensible Wise!) suggestions please.



get a SJ4000/5000 & a waterproof case

IF I went back to a helmet camera, I don’t want something that sticks out a mile sideways or upwards. I think you just look like a kn*b (but I can see why youd get one … LOL)

Then if you stick it on the bike, as I say, I’ll like walk off one day and forget to take it off.

Personally I’m thinking of the permanent ‘hidden’ camera …

Anyone any experience of these …?

not a drift stealth 2… I’d go with a permanent hidden camera, considering that option with the big bike. Although I seemed to have more near misses and an accident with the camera then when I didn’t have it…

I had a drift stealth 2 for a total of two weeks, before it died? … Thankfully I purchased it through SportsBikeShop, which were fantastic in issuing a refund.

As I am a little lazy, and very forgetful, I’ve been looking for a camera that needs no user intervention, ie having to charge everyday and turn on / off, etc … So after some research, decided on this product:

INNOVV K1- Moto Recording System!the-k1/c3r6

Check this link for a decent write up on the product:

That set does look good Zine. I’ll get a look at it next time you are out. For better or worse that is the future, I think they’ll be a cost option on new bikes soon.

I was just looking at the above, but Zine … the INNOV looks wicked !!!

Zine - where did you buy it from? All I can find in the UK is the car version (under a different name - and which doesn’t have the waterproof lenses!)

I came here to suggest the K1 too

But do you have to buy from China ???

Oh, those K1s are waaay cheaper and better quality than I was expecting… Anyone done a long-term writeup of them?

Touch wood, not had an issue with my Drift 1080 HD for almost two years now. The battery only lasts an hour or so but can line with that as it has a USB slot.

Whatever you get l would go for helmet as you are likely to get a better shot of offender as you look at them. A bike mounted may missed it if I’d not directly ahead, also if you’re separated it stays with you (hopefully) and not lost in the recovery.

Off topic… Was the S6 supposed to be waterproof??! I thought the S5 was but the S6 wasn’t.
I use a helmet cam as I also use it snowboarding.

You’re right … it was my S5 that died in the bath … must have been the bubbles and not the water !!!

contour roam hd.  I’ve got the non waterproof one and stick it in the waterproof mounting on my crash bar. Works great.  I had a waterproof RoamHD, but it came off my lid when I had a small slide down the road a couple of years ago.  Good footage, even in rain/low light conditions.  32gb card, 3 hours recording.

I’ve got the Contour Roam 2 but iirc, the company no longer exists.

Oh wait… It’s back. They did close at one point.

Last time I looked (which was still well after that article) they’d still not really come back.

I have the drift stealth 2 mounted in the air intake. People don’t see it…

Sorry £100 in J&S worth it in my opinion.