Come on you Gunners!


Now dont be cross. I know not everyone is a keen fan of football, but I ask for your motorbiking solidarity to kinda lean into football (england) solidarity…just for tonight.

Even if you don’t support Arsenal FC (shame on you!), I urge you to go to your local pubs and watch/support them tonight as they entertain (and hopefully beat) Barcalona FC in the Champions League final.

Good excuse to get p****d I say!

Fingers crossed hey I can’t even concentrate on my work today…fingers actually being ground-down by over-anxious supporter!


Sorry mate, in the nicest possible sense of the word…Not a Chance

Spurs fan, and still smarting from whoever cooked that Lasagna the fact that you guys pipped us…any West Ham fans out there, I’m pretty miffed with you lot as well.

Nah mate, just kidding, wish you all the luck against Barca, but can you not be so sneaky and pip us at the last minute next year…

Here Here!!!

Come on you Gunners…

It was not caused by an Arsenal fan that cooked the lasagne. The Lasagne in question was given a clean bill of health by the inspectorate. According to reports, a virus is to blame. How it got into the system to affect only Spurs players is a complete mystery at present.

Anyway, whether you are an AFC supporter or not, they are English and they are in the most prestidgeous club competition in the world. So anyone English, despite your allegiances, should be cheering the team on. It is good for English football that they are there and would be even better for English football if they were to win and bring that trophy home. Obviously, if they do, there will be a grand parade around North London requiring a lot of police presence, that means empty and quiet roads elsewhere, oh happy days.

So c’mon you gooners.



Aye all the best to them.

I gotta support the Arsenal if only because my pops is mad about them I’m not a footie fan myself…

One nil one nil one nil!!!

Holy Cow! What a half.

And how ugly is Ronaldinhino (or whatever it is)?

With a face like that you could run him at Epsom Downs…

Barca score and see it disallowed in favour of a free kick and a red card = Gooners down to 10 Men - goalie sent off - Peres off - Barca hit the bar and ugly boy fluffs the rebound - Sol Campbell scores…

And that was only the first half…

football??? id rather run my exposed helmet down the coarsest side of a cheese grator

I don’t need to hear about your desires - dirty boy!!!

There’s a whole section for that sort of thing!!!

I didn’t think you’d be watching - what you doing instead? then again judging by that last post I don’t think I want to know

i was tidying up which is pretty much done so waisting time on here and grating my helmet


Referee !!!..

just goes to show…

the powers that be are so f**king immersed in the job they forget the rules !!!

the rules of benefit of doubt !!!..

Arsenal were playing against another team and a set of officials…

official bias bastadose,s…such as life !!!


Pity Pity Pity. Had the feeling all second half it was just a matter of time tho…

Next time perhaps.

Not an Arsenal Fan here at all…but come on…if that was a court case it would have been thrown out !!!

Got the feeling the ref was an arse the moment he dissallowed the goal and sent the keeper off.

Still boss is a gooner with no sense of humour - he’s off tomorrow so plenty of time to give his desk the Barca treatment!

he makes over 20 million pounds a year if you count his advertising revenue. now, what you prefer? your face or that paycheque? lol

Why, was there a football match on tonight? Anything interesting happen?