Come on you Gunners!

that ref was having a “jock” Cez…he should have went to speck saver my friend…

I dont ever watch football but pay some very distant attention to whats going on but watched the whole game last night. Gutted at the end they were robbed but for 10 men to have put up such a good fight was amazing. Henry should have had two and the ref should have been lynched.

i know you will hate me now…cause im an barca fan since im 5 years old and since that day im collecting barca jerseys…i think they deserved it cause they were the better team last night…england won it last year…


Oh such joy! They got what they deserved. Lehmanns tackle was totally cynical, he blatantly grabbed Eto’s ankle in an attempt to stop him scoring and Eboue’s dive to win the free-kick from the merest of touches was pathetic. What made it even sweeter was the Gooners thinking they could win it for 70 minutes…and then have it taken away…glorious!!!

As I don’t support either of the teams and was totally impartial on the game all I can say is that,
yes, the referee did need some better glases but unfortunatelly for the Arsenal supporters, Barcelona
was playing better and dominated the game. Excuses? Yes you can find a few but it wasn’t like Arsenal was
better on the pitch and was robbed. They lost becouse they didn’t play bettter… Sorry guys!

what game of football was you people on here watching i thought the gonners played blinding considering they had ten men
WAXY there aint no need for bitterness is there! just cause they took ya champions spot dont get upset!!!
if it was an even men we would have seen a different game they had to crack sooner or later
still im not moaning i won £500 but would have prefered the gonners to win!