collier row stunTER

bcr new’est member passes his fellowship of the motard test:Dthis dude is what motarding is all about;)

Haha, very, good effort for this time of year! I half expected a low-side!

thats usually my job lobin mine & others bikes:pinch:

Quality !

Next clip - I wanna see a blade jump over a traffic island in the morning rush hour ! :stuck_out_tongue:

let me see if i can get ratty46 to do a dukes of hazzard style jump over collier row roundabout one weekend:laugh:

i’ll give it a go…on your KTM!:w00t:

kool vid man, i should have come out to play!:smiley:

nah m8 my 660 wont be any good cos it WILL make the jump;) stunTER is one of them guys that makes you wona push ya bike to its limits;)

tink i’ll have to give it a go this sunday

Glad you didn’t get me missing the corner on camera!!

a 650 Berg isn’t made for the mud! lol!!

We’ll do some wheelie practice and that on camera next time.

I still surprised at how stable the bike felt, I think I had another 10-15mph before a low side!! :cool:

Go one fella’s, make me feel even worse about missing yet another ride!:angry:


Ps, Next time lets see some Ruben Xaus style “Tail-out-Knee-On-The-Deck-Waving-To-The-Camera”.:wink: The Riot is in the menders and my B,G’s Blouse in the wash, so I’ll be ready for some stunt training shortly. I thought I’d start wiv riding over a speed-bump briskly as my first project? :w00t:

I can go knee down with one hand on my GSXR Thou, I’ve not yet had the chance to try it out on the SM,

That was my first time KD on a supermoto - very stable I must say.

Next time we’re out I’m still working on back it in, I think the 1057 has enough bends for us to get that!

When you blouse is clean, let us all know!

stunter you have to teach me!!! i really want to learn how to get my KD!

No probs ratty,I found it quite easy in my SV (have the curvy - you might have seen my avatar on Have had the pegs down a few times! :cool:

Anyways - next time your out - we’ll give it a bash. At first its not a natural, but soon you’ll be scraping!!

Just make sure you bring your leathers!

how many bikes you got!?

whats your username on there fella?

yeah defo up for it, may be abit cold at teh mo??

leathers all the way!:smiley:

Blouse clean, The Riot however is not fairing so well!:crying: Wont be back together until the following wkend? I couldnt join you on the BCR this weekend anyway, its my Birthday on Sunday (hint, hint):wink:

Things arent good at home either. Very, very big trouble in Sneaky Castle at the mo. Any top divorce lawyers on LB?:pinch:

happy ,b-day for sunday sneaky! its mine wednesday!:smiley:

hope you get sneaky castle sorted;)

I’m Ter on the org, kept it nice and simple,

Well my main bikes are

'99 SV650 (All seasons Streetfighter)
'03 GSXR 1000 (Daily Bike)
'04 Husaberg FS650e (Hooligan Tool)
'01 GSXR 600 (Track Bike)

Then on the side I am currently preparing for sale a 99 GSXR 750, a 2001 GSXR 750 and a 2002 Honda CBR 600 F Sport.

Dont ask why…:w00t:

A hobby gon wild!

Sneaky, sorry to hear that mate - Can’t help with the home woes, but whats up with the riot?


you dirty addict!:D:P i am envious!

im thinking of a straight bar conversion on my SV:cool:

i think i see you in walthamstow on the gixxa thou? might not have been you but i bet it was!

catch up with ya soon on teh BCR you out this sunday?

Service time. Ratty was at the tyre shop last week when I popped in to get some rearend rubber ( :wink: ). Michael (what his name Ratty?) could get neither the rear wheel spindle out or the rear calliper pistons to budge:blush: See what happens when you wash y’bike, it rusts!:smiley:

For some unkown reason, the new drive chain he (the bike shop) says he’s ordered wont be there until next week? Prolly cause he nevered ordered it!:angry: It dont really matter tho, as I wont have a chance to ride the bike. It would be nice to have The Riot back in case I need a quick fix, when I do I ride to work!:w00t:

'99 SV650 (All seasons Streetfighter)
'03 GSXR 1000 (Daily Bike)
'04 Husaberg FS650e (Hooligan Tool)
'01 GSXR 600 (Track Bike)

Then on the side I am currently preparing for sale a 99 GSXR 750, a 2001 GSXR 750 and a 2002 Honda CBR 600 F Sport.

so ter witch one of these are you gona let me try N stoppie on:D

as you see i have taken the sv out of the list cos i’m gona use ratty’s bike this sunday:w00t:

gona get action cam soon so we’ll get better footage

Just you fellas wait till I join ya on my 33bhp GS500 !
Will def. have to stick me name down for the BCR some sunday soon - unfortunately kids and sunday league football can put a real spanner in the works :crazy:
… and don’t you lot go abusing ratty’s SV cos it’s mine next :stuck_out_tongue: