collier row stunTER

sorry m8 but ratty’s bike has more plastic 2 brake than yours:D

happy birthday btw:cool:

get the drinks in;)

Mick is his name george, he owns it, jay is the other guy the white fella.

i noticed he didnt put the rust back!!:w00t: i remember you asking for it back sneaky! summit about ‘character’ werent it:D

FERCK OFF!! u dont come near my SV you fugging motard hooligan!!!:w00t::Pmark, i think shes mine for life!:w00t::P:D GET OUT WITH US SOON DUDE! you will love it!, unlike D we dont all crash:w00t::wink: oh yeah! HAPPY B-DAY!!:D:)

Haha cheers fellas. :smiley:

OK so I missed out on the SV… But if any of the motards trash the SV I have first baggsy on the Evo zorst :cool:

Sorry Mark, Happy Birf Day for yest!:kiss: