Coach and Horses - well done - Not

As I work in the contact centre for the council that controls the pub you guys had your event I didnt go to party as I dont like to be seen at places I get ivolved for for work.

We have been totally bombarded with complaints this morning, loud music from live band until late, band could be heard in a council employees house that lives near Cuffley.

All local residents 3 of whom have young babies were kept awake by the band.

Residents approcahed the owners who replied in a rude fashion.

Ok this event was licensed but if you upset residents with noise and levels are over the top then licensed or not the event will be shut down.

Just wanna say well done peeps cause all you have managed to do is upset everyone that lives near the pub and give the event a bad name.

Nice one.

UK = complain culture, nothing better to do.
what’s new?.


No its called tiny little village and a live band until late on a SUNDAY EVENING! Maybe someone should set up a live band that goes late into the eve in your neighbours garden on a Sunday and when you ask them nicely to turn it down they tell you to naff off.

Shut up you tart ! :stuck_out_tongue:

How late did the band go on until?

The residents have stated that they wouldnt mind on a Fri or Sat night but on a Sunday its not on.

When asked to turn it down the polite thing to do is to oblige really, by being rude all thats been achieved is annoying people and those people will complain and something will be done about it.

All you end up doing is making sure no more events of this nature happen. You cant get away with it in sleep places like you can in big towns.

Just given the event a bad name is all, but at the end of the day when the events are stopped you will only have yourselves to blame.

11.45pm which on a Sunday isnt on.

Fine people take the mick but its you that will suffer in the long run. Up to you.

Are there more planned then as seems pointless lecturing once it is over :ermm:

Well, what can I say?

For every complaint that was levelled against the event there were many more praising it. We had quite a few of the neighbours come to join us and they all donated happily to the LAA charity coffers.

It’s such a shame that there are a few narrow minded individuals who try and spoil an event which is without doubt for a good cause.

And no mention of noisy motorbikes?.. Well done LBers for keeping the noise down;):smiley:

Have to say, I’d be p!ssed if this happened to me on a sunday and kept me, my better half and my lil’un awake until that time.


Thanks for your input… but surely the problem lies with the Pub not LB and the BBQ. If there was a problem with noise and not allowing a Band to play in their garden then i’m sure the venue could have been changed to a more suitable location.

Your beef has to lie with the Pub and not LB.

As for you not attending, well maybe if you had been there then you could have asked us all to keep quiet and ask the band to mime. Actually i did fart rather loudly as i left so maybe it was that the locals had a problem with:D

No idea, but what will happen is if the pub attempt to do anymore controls will be put in place and if complaints are recieved then something will be done about it.

It just means that it gets peoples backs up and future events will be effected.

In places like that pubs can get a bad reputation and once that happens they get grief constantly.

Now though the place has been noted and it will be kept an eye on.

I’m sorry but I think that is wrong. The band had packed up, and was leaving before I left, and I didn’t get home the wrong side of midnight.

And to answer your question about loud music next to me I was once woken up at 0300 on monday morning by a neighbour having come back from clubbing decided to have a party, and when I complained about this to the local council I was told to naff off.

Brian M. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will note your comments for the future.

Please everyone let’s not ruin the charitable evening that was had and just take the comments on board so that next time even more people enjoy it.

In that case try emailing the pub as it isnt really an LB issue.

Thats just it, people like to do things like this but in someone elses back yard not thier own but the second something happens near them they get upset. Funny that.

Seems like you enjoy being a killjoy - you were at it last week before the event had even taken place.

The prob is the pub, but it means that any future events attempted to run like this at that pub will be looked at so if LB want to hold anymore there then they may well run into issues.The event raising money for the London Air Ambulance kept lots of people awake in the village, not good press really.

What a complete load of hog wash!The band stopped playing around 10.30ishI was back home by 11.15 myself. And the band had been packed up and gone way before that time.Slight exagerations there Brian my old mate;):smiley:

i bet everyone in that village is asleep right now after all that.