Clip ons, Clearence

Feel free to chime in if you think ive missed something…

Stanchions are 49mm wide-
Clip ons are 48mm tall-

and the lock pin/bolt is located here if you can work it out… :confused:

I’m absolutely loving the SV, altho it has a few flaws that I need to rectify before moving onto suspension…

The clip ons don’t seem to have much clearance with the top of the fairings, so when Im at full lock (U turns etc) I have to ensure I only have half of my hands on the bars or my fingers get squashed… :pinch:
Its not very comfy…

I dont want to feel like Im riding a drag bike all the time so opening the bars up isnt an option.
I dont really want to drop the frame either.
So I want a pair of clip ons that have more of a rise than these ones… (Approx 1.5" from the base of the clamp to the top of the bar)…

Does anyone know which ones have this rise?
Unfortunately I have no means of measuring the actual measurements (YET) so I cant say the exact size (Width) of the fork stanchions & im still waiting for the shop to tell me the exact model the forks are off…

Here are some pics.


Hey Daws.

I wonder if it’s possible to loosen the bars and rotate them upwards or around a bit. I dont think mine are that low.

If you do get risers I think 1.5" is the max you’ll be able to raise before the brake and throttle lines begin to stretch.

I bought a corbin seat from eBay. It’s was noticeably lower than the stock seat.
By lowering the seat hight the bars naturally rise to get rid of a bit of the drag bike feel.

Has it been crashed ? Have the bump stops been smashed off ? Trapping fingers is an MOT fail .

I dont mind if I need to change the lines as I want to get braided. I just need to sort these out…
Also, if I have a lower seat It would be horrid to ride. If anything I need a bigger seat…

A loose, missing, maladjusted, or ineffective steering lock stop.

insufficient clearance at either full lock position for the handlebar grips to be properly grasped or the controls to be properly operated

Both those go as fails on an MOT so if the shop gave you the bike with a fresh MOT i would be questioning their policys and getting them to fix it .

I hope not…
As far as I know it hasn’t, its fairly clean/HPI clear etc…

I think it was just a standard conversion but I think they have converted the clip ons too… Because if you look at the standard pics ( They seem to have more of a rise and alot more clearence…

should the risers be under the top yoke like that? if they were on top of it, that’d solve it.

it’d also be a reasonable reason that the previous owner might have lowered them like this to get a racier position.

They’re meant to be under, they bolt in underneath too - that’d be what I’d check, see if anyone has done what I did and take the securing bolt out and angle them in a bit (too far in this case)

I didn’t think about that, I just assumed it was a pin type that slots in…
Il pop down to the garage in a sec and check, altho im sure its a case of the wrong clip ons.

This would, however all the others show the yokes on top, so im also guessing they wanted a sportier ride.

Not a FRESH MOT, but it was sold with an MOT…
i done a few checks myself and found it would have failed should they have checked it…
However, I wont grumble as I mentioned my faults and they offered me a full refund.
I requested the parts I needed so I can do it myself, to which they have agreed to post them… (Altho im still waiting for them and the retunr phonecall I was ment to get today did not happen… So il be chasing them up tomorrow.

maybe some of these will be better:


Those after market Clip ons are a little more than I was expecting…

I think you could be looking in wrong direction. Ebay links you have posted clip ons are clearly for sv1000 which has standart forks, yours on the other hand if i’m not mistaken are inverted forks from gsxr SRAD.
Apparently gsxr has different fairings setup, go lower than SV’s. IMO you should be looking for SRAD riser clip ons. Just double check with the guys who sold you the bike if those are SRAD forks.

You are correct, but im sure my top yoke is a standard SV1000 so im assuming they will fit…

Thanks for reminding me.
Time to call them up.

If they are the same size then it might do the trick :slight_smile:

i like the danmoto ones myself they look fully adjustable and if they are still not long enough you could make a new extension part to make them even higher

Just spoke to them and they said all they know is there off a gsxr1000 (Not sure of the year etc)

They just wired me some money for some new pads anyway so il pop down to essential a bit later… Maybe they will tell me what they think there from.

maybe i’m blind, but i cant see your bar ends? :ermm:

Less weight :wink: