Clip ons, Clearence

They are the wrong clip ons.

The original ones are higher.

Already noted, :satisfied:

Need to get to me man cave and measure them up so I can start tracking down the ones I need…

I originally thought the top yoke was a Sv1000 one (as it looks the same as the ones on a few sv1000’s but I was just looking at gsxr1000’s and found they had a (visually) similar top yoke…

So it will be a case of measurements.

The riding position is better than I was expecting, apart from the obvious… as ‘whereisgibson’ saw on saturday… It nearly ended in tears… :ermm:

I just popped down to my mates SV1000 & his are tight up against the Top yoke & look slightly different to yours his is a SV SZ tho so not sure if its supposed to be different

Thats how original sv1000 clip on should look like

thats what I thought, so theres about 1-2" between bars and fairings…

Iv now come to the conclusion (at least I think I have) :confused:

GSXR1000 01-04 front end
49mm stanchions
48mm high clip ons