Claire's birthday drinks!! 16th June

Well my Birthday is the day before. But as mentioned in Killer’s thread drink re-run drinks coinside with me Birthday!

Were having a pub crawl along the river near Hammersmith some really nice pubs there, so come and join us !!

Hmmmm the George, Old City Arms, Blue Anchor, The Rutland, The Dove, The Old Ship, The Black Lion…sounds like fun, which ones …have i missed any could well be tempted

Think you got most of those covered lol do you often frequent there ?

Really nice when the sun is out very chilling

Have done a few pub crawls there in the past, lots of pubs and minimum walking…all in the name of charity of course, also work in White City so they have always been good for after work drinks in the summer rather than heading into town…and the Black Lion can be quite cosy with the right person in the winter and the food was good

Have a good one luv…I’d make it if I could, but alas I’ll be in Spain.

Claire, this still on?

Of course if your up for it!

If any ones about we will be in the Rutlands by the river, Hammersmith around 7.30 ish!

Are you on-line down the pub???

I might pop up later on…

hey claire how are you doing? Am a nm. Just joined the forum.

wow :w00t:

That has got to be the best digging up of a project I’ve ever seen…


D’OH I wrote Project… I meant thread but my mind is stuck in work mode…

what’s an “nm”?

i think he means new member. and probably doesnt own a calendar. :laugh:

Damn! Give ARITANSA a break!

All this calling out of ‘thread mining’ or ‘repost’ playgound **** is unecessary, surely.
So he made a mistake - ‘let he who is without sin…etc’, big deal.

FYI ARITANSA, it’s probably a good idea to introduce yourself in the ‘Newbies section’ so everyone can get to know you and make you feel welcome :wink:

Hehe, no worries.

I was directing my comment towards our more pedantic members :wink:

PS> Happy Birthday Clair - in six months :wink:

Or just go through threads until you see a hot girl then direct a message to her 5 years late? Yeah, that’ll work too :smiley:

I doubt that thread just popped up randomly… and it’s not like his post was about being a newbie saying hi… it was written as if he knew Claire!

No offence was meant (as far as I can tell) and I’d expect the same if I went onto a forum and did the same. It’s all part of the fun :slight_smile:

I had my money on spam bot but I may be proven wrong…