Chinese scooter will not start

Hi, I bought a 125cc chinese scooter as a bit of a project and for the life of me I cannot get it running! It sounds like it is turning over but it will not start, the spark plug and coil have been replaced as thats what I was advised…still won’t start but there is a spark.

Any help is much appreciated!!!

If there’s a spark then check fuelling (remove fuel hose from carb and see if it’s getting that far then maybe look at the carb/fuel filter)

Will do, the carb has been cleaned by the previous owner (supposedly) bt I will check! I will also look at the fuel hose too!


If it isn’t the fuel hose then what would be your next pport of call to investigate?!

Filter, see if it starts on easy start, throw away/replace fuel if it’s been sat for a while…

Fuel tap too

Did you buy it from here by any chance? You might aswell bought a Chow Mein instead mate. It would of lasted longer Phahahahaha

Does look similar to where I bought it from!! Only messing…

Last time I bought a chinese scooter I drianed the oil out of it and all noodles came out…Its true what they say, them chinese put noodles in everything!!! Ironic thing is the last three of the number plate was WOK. Hahahahah No lie…

Moto-King (The Boss)

lol thats ace!!

I had to get old Mr Chung from the NoodleTime to translate the vin number for me as it was all in chinese writing!!!

He took one look at it and said “DAT NOT CHINESE NA” “THAT JAPANESE” I was like WTF…Now I am confused. I sold it on ebay…

Sounds like the float might be stuck on the carb…

How do I ‘unstick’ the carb or would I have to purchase a new carb?!

Try tapping it on the float bowl gently with the top of a screwdriver. Was the bike running before he touched the carb?

im not actually sure…I can get in contact with him.

Yeah ask him mate…If it did. you know its the carb deffo.

does it smell of petrol?

He not answering at mo but i can keep trying and I know where he lives so thats not a problem.

It doesn’t really smell of petrol at all, well not that I have noticed!

OK…checked the carb and recleaned it to be sure, checked spark again, made sure battery fully chanrged and that fuel lines were npot blocked, tried the scooter on both the kick start and electric start, still nowt!!


There IS a spark? There IS fuel?

pulling in the brake lever whilst kicking over or hitting the starter button?,check the wiring for loose or corroded connections

I have just noticed that there are some cables in a ‘jack’ that is not attached to anything underthe front cover…their colours are plain white, plain light green, plain red and plain yellow…I cannot see where they should be attached!!!

Wires are looking abit frayed etc so i may redo them in a bit and clean up connections,