Charlie down...... but not out!

Can’t say to much as this might well be going to court despite the lack of Police willing to look at the buses CCTV footage.

Coming out of New Oxford St turning right on to Tottenham Court rd a double decker cam e flying out of (EPIC FAIL: CHARING X RD not Shaftsbury ave) to turn on to New Oxford st some two seconds after the light changed to green on my approach. I saw it swing to the right and braked accordingly from 20mph. Bus driver makes eye contact, slams on his brakes sharply then realeas and carry s on turning to collect the front end of my bike and put me almost on my arse.

Driver didnt seem like he was going to stop so I spun it got in front of him and blocked his path.

A minor injury on the bus was carted off to UCH after a fall as a result of his braking. My right leg is in agony after keeping the weight of the bike up on top of what the bus was putting on it.

WTF is it with London Bus drivers??? Is your break at the end of your route really worth it???

Anyone wants me I’ll be in the pub self medicating…

I’m glad your ok and not to seriously injured;)

Good thinking stopping the bus, as i don’t think he would of stopped!

Yeah, these bus drivers think they own the road:w00t:

Feel for you matey. Hope you’re not hurt.I have absolutely no respect or time for bus drivers for their unprofessional driving, and yes I am generalising and I dont feel that is unfair. Grrrrrr. Had to take the bus company to court after they refused to accept a collision I had with a bus was their fault. My insurance company was useless (legal cover was useless) and wanted 50/50 blame. I had the pleasure of representing myself against a young posh [email protected] in a pinstripe suit calling himself a barrister, and the bus driver. What a shambles, they fell to pieces. Even the judge took them apart for me :smiley: . Good to see a previously bolshy bus driver quivering in court. Utter [email protected].

Good Luck with it and hope the drinking goes well :hehe: :hehe:

good u r ok

was the minor injury from the first sharp brake not from you stopping in front of it

them b…ed can turn things around

good luck with this

Bus cause my o too, sorry to hear yours was a fair bit worse. Glad you are pretty much alright. Take it easy, and rip the driver to shreads should this get into court. I can’t believe some people woulc drive o ater an accident.

DAMN…Charly…Glad you’re not too beaten up mate.I’ve witnessed the manic bus driver too…One just pulled diagionally out last week and cut me and a Taxi up.

Mate, if there’s anything I can do to help, then let me know.

Hope you heal up soon.

Sorry to hear it, hope the self medicating at the pub works :smiley:

Glad you’re OK Charly:)

  1. Have also noticed a huge drop in standards of driving “on the buses”. They are not as good as they were in the olden days. However the bus companies do pay very poorly nowadays so that may be something to do with it.

  2. But Charly - have you not paid your guardian angel any attention lately? One sheet of glass and one double decker bus seem to have attacked you in less than a week - what next!!! Watch out mate:w00t:

glad your ok mate

Last year i riding a bus and the driver intentionally hit a car that was turning right at a T junction. The driver had literally about 10 seconds of reaction time to stop before hitting the car that was slightly blocking the road.

A guy ran down the stairs, hit the emergency open button on the door and jumped out, only to get run over by a bicycle passing the bus on the left.

LMAO :w00t:

Cor great start to the weekend. Glad your ok. At least the boozing can continue all weekend and you have the best excuse.

What did driver say?

Dude, sorry to hear this, but good that you seem ok.

I’m sure that the majority of buses now have front and rear cameras fitted which should be linked to an internal hard drive as well as the usual internal ones. Seem to remember reading that they use the front facing ones to help with bus lane enforcement! Must be worth a shout to see if your insurance can get hold of this to prove he jumped the lights?

Agree that they all drive like idiots, bloody hopper bus drivers in Enfield seem to go by the “drive it like you stole it” attitude!!

glad ur ok matey, im sick of buses going through red lights…

Charly luvvie you ok? what on earth were you doing on that bike:w00t: not yer usual ride:hehe:
Hope mr bus driver were’nt to lippy;)

WTF!!! Just cos they drive a big vehicle, it doesn’t mean they own the road:w00t:

That driver should be sent back to PSV school!!! :angry:

I agree that PSV driving is getting worse, one drove into one of my bike instructors last year. A hefty dude in hi viz and she said ‘didn’t see you mate’.

Glad you’re ok Charley, hope the medicine worked.

I must have just missed you, as I was at that junction about that time last night, just going to the next pub. If I’d see you, you could have self medicated with us

Good to hear that you’re in one piece Charly.

I’ve been a passenger on buses that have run red lights … what do the retards think they’re doing? … they’re professional drivers FFS!

With you fella.
Mate gutted. Hope the bike’s alright and that leg mends.
Bus drivers are a breed unto themselves… but they’re like most London road users… mostly safe, but some utter MORONS!
Bout 2 months ago I witnessed 1 doin 50mph along Oxford Street, knocked a cyclist clean off his bike… took the idiot 2 blocks to decide to put his breaks on and a further 2 blocks to bring the bus to a stop.

Do they not understand that 11 tonnes of ruddy bus does hurt if you hit people with it at speed?

Sue for everythin mate… EVERYTHIN… get a huge black mark against his name, its the only way he’ll learn to show any respect to other road users is if it threatens his ruddy income.

Sorry to hear that Charlie and I hope you get the evidence to get your claim sorted without any issues.

In defence of most Bus drivers - I have found 99% of them to be helpful polite considerate road users. Countless times when a learner on my Scooter, I used to go for questionable over / under takes - and countless times my stupidity didn’t result in a crash due to very observant and tolerant bus drivers. The idiots are there for sure - but in my experience, the vast majority are very proffessional and well trained.

Now, sodding BMW drivers, what a bunch of…:wink:

Sorry to hear this. I have seen buses jumping lights as well, and it is a very scary experience as all that weight is going to hurt when it hits something! They think they are a law unto themselves. That said, I have seen some great driving by bus drivers and very courteous driving as well, giving space to bikers/cyclists etc… Always some bad apples in the barrel. Hope the self medication has worked. Get your leg checked by the people vet though.