Charlie down...... but not out!

Did Kev change route by any chance???

Glad you are Ok Charlieboy


My god there has been carnage on the roads this week.

Hope you’re ok dude.

Glad you ok - some of those London buses and the way they are driven are scary as f8ck.

Glad you’re okay…I hope the bus CCTV helps you out.
I hope your leg is feeling better and the bike hasnt been too badly damaged?

Hi Charlie, Sorry to here of the grief & injury these F1 bus drivers dish out, they’ll do anything to sweep it under the carpet now. Did any witness come forward?

Might have to go down the “Freedom of information Act” route through a solicitors letter to get the cctv footage (costs a tenner or so). The bus company should be helpfull as they don’t want these drivers. Recommend White Dalton Solicitors if your own insurance company doesn’t want to help.

unlucky mate, hope they dont drag it out.

wtf that sounds like something out of a benny hill show…

After a complaint to Holbone on the basis of PC696 (J.Webster) saying… “well there’s no complaint of dangerous driving so they’ll be no further action from us…” …I looked at him and realised exactly what my taxes were paying for. I mean, two people injured I’ve quite clearly said "that bla bla Bla ran a red light, but it’s OK…I’m well versed in assignation attempts on my life…I personally called the police to the scene, not exactly the actions of a man with something to hide, eh?.. (anyway if you believe the bus driver, the weight and speed of my humble CBF was like an earth quake… and everyone on the bus was hit by the tidal wave of kinetic force and sent scattering off there feet and on to there collective rectum’s… (PMSL)

Oh man what can I say? This life is full of unfairness and it finds you now and then…glad you are ok…


CCTV viewed, clear evidence of an offence committed by the bus driver… **he gets offered a ‘Driver Awareness Course’ by the CJU

What? is that it? nothing else?

Bloody hell, that is rubbish man, he is getting off very lightly there…

Take him outside and demonstrate the effects of a large solid mass (your foot) meeting a soft stationary target (his ass) so he understands the physics.

Might need several demonstations to ensure full understanding.

Then return to the pub for further medication.

That’s not right, he gets away with it.

The only good thing to come from this is if he excepts the offer of a DAC, he admits liability as far as the accident goes. I get paid for time off work and the bike gets fixed.

I’m just praying he’s stupid enough to go to court and plead not guilty…

I’m told the CPS go down this route of offering courses instead of going to court to save money and avoid the possibility of the case folding because witness don’t attend ect. As CCTV is the evidence primarily in this case I still can’t get my head round this ridiculous course of action.

Hope it goes to court, but even if he takes the DAC you should get a payout.

He gets to do that course because it’s his livelyhood at stake, plus the other categories of licence he holds, plus the repremand from the bus company. Would be more serious if a passenger was injured.

The repeditive nature of the same few miles, on the same route, everyday, was a likely caused for his complacent driving.

Is this a delibrate attempt to wind me up or am I missing the point of your post.

A passenger on the bus was injured. She went flying down the central isle and splattered herslef over the inside of the front wind screen he hit the brakes so fcuking hard.

What about my livleyhood (3weeks off work, self employed,no sick pay), indeed my life?. I take it you havn’t had 20 tons or soofred bus heading straight for you after running a red light, perhaps you wouldn’t make such offensive post?

I’ll add, I’m not against these awareness courses at all in certain circumstances. I’d rather have that than points on my own license, however…If a driver injures anyone (that includes me if I hurt someone through my own negligent actions) you have your day in court and face the music, no ifs, no buts.

I received a letter from the CJU last night telling me the case I was a witness to on January 9th of this year was closed and thanking me for my help. Curiosity got the better of me and I rang the case officer today to ask what the outcome was for the van driver…he to got a Driver Awareness Course!.

WFT is going on?. He turned right on to the Westbound A4 off Sutton Court rd in W4 Chiswick eathier without looking or failed to see the approaching cyclist heading across sutton crt rd. From my position filtering through traffic on the A4 I saw cyclist and a second later bicycle flying through the air some 9-10feet in the air. The cyclist was saved by his helmet but his face was a mess with blood everywhere. I know because it was me trying to stem the flow with only a small bandage from my first aid kit.

How is this justice???

When I asked the case officer about this she simply replied “It is a satisfactory way of dealing with with these types of offences”. When I asked what would have a driver in court to face the music she just repeated the above like some kind of mechanical droid programmed by the government.

Would the press be interested in this?

Enough is enough…