Carrying a chain

I’ve been using my bike a lot more in and around London and I’d ideally like to chain my bike to something as well as using the disc lock I already have.

I can’t think of a sensible way to carry one without panniers or top box. Seems that’s the only way? Any advice?

Bit heavy for a backpack and a bad idea to have strapped to you I suppose. Perhaps a cheap tailbag that I can leave on the bike while it’s chained up could hold it? Would have to be not-so-cheap as to hold the weight I guess.

Maybe something like this.

I have one, stored in my topbox, but i attach it to the rear seat if I need extra capacity. Have a look around can probably get it cheaper.

The only downside to this one is that it is zip on so some aspiring footballer might have it. but rather a £20 bag than the MT.

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You probably couldn’t carry a heavy chain this way but lighter chains around the hip?

I’ve not done this myself but I know there is a lock for bicycles called Hiplok. Not suggesting a Hiplok would secure a motorcycle but just an idea.

Wouldn’t recommend that as even a small off with a chain around your hip could result in a fractured hip


Yep carrying your chain on your person is just going to make any bad situation potentially worse.

Have a look for small seat bags, Kriega are highly recommended.

I have a Kriega us10 for that


What bike do you ride? If it can accommodate a top box definitely consider it. They are just so practical.

As for wearing chains. Put one on then roll around on your back on the floor and figure out how much it hurts. Then imagine doing that at 30mph.

I used to carry mine in a kriega but, for me, it’s a waste of a bag as it will get destroyed.

What about one of those bungee nets?

I used to take the big-ass heavy Almax in a small tail back. If it was a friendly carpark I was leaving it in, then I would leave it there overnight chained to something out of the way where it couldn’t bother anyone.

Golden rules:

  • Never leave a nice bike on the road
  • Never leave a nice bike in view, hide it if you can
  • Cover it, chain it to something immobile, disc lock it
  • Have a man with a gun guard it

Last one is slightly harder to come by. Though you could try asking @Panagiotis if his tank (Rideout - evening Brighton run Thursday 6th August) is available.


Recommend the fake kriega bags. Search for the brand Uglybros on aliexpress. abou 1/4 of the price of a kriega and you won’t care if it goes missing.

He will if the chain goes missing

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and i carry my chain around in mine.

though its a bit questionable on the quality front, yours is fine but mine is in several pieces

isn’t that because you’ve crashed on yours?

There you go Kyle, on Thursday they’ll be a bag with a free chain in it :wink:

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Wise words, take notice.

I carry my Almax chain in a Kriega US5 tail pack.

Have a look at which is similar to The_Sleeper’s suggestion, but only £13.99.

You don’t want the chain loose, else it will shake around and rip the bag. It may be worth getting some kind of storage box, and strapping that down to your rear seat, or put the chain in the box and the box in a tail pack.

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What you need is this, or something similar. They’re low profile so the chain won’t move around much.

I had one of those, it was great. I would buy another, but the pillion seat on my toy is ridiculously narrow.

That reminds me, look at the bags.

I just sit it on the seat, where a passenger would sit. Wrap it through the hold bars, job done.

Over time, does scratch the bars / tail tidy tbf, but not overly worried. Can get a mat to go under it and or put tape on the bars to sort that.

Have used a back pack, which is fine in a city, bit harder for longer rides.