Car license?!

So how do I get to one I’ve heard so many different stories! Just wanted to hear it from someone that has done it and tell me the steps!
From what I know it’s pass your theory and then you can start taking lessons but I don’t know anything else!

Please help!

P.S. Yes I’m getting a car and yeah I know the insurance will be a nightmare but I will have to travel to my dads (80 miles every weekend) and it won’t be much good for a 125 staying very net top speed for 2 hours

I did 12 lessons and a load of driving round with my dad, took me 5 months with small hiatus when I managed to cripple myself in a rock climbing accident. That was getting on for 20 years ago though, before the days of theory tests.

I read somewhere recently that the average is 40 lessons or so.

My missus had to get her UK license recently after forgetting to swap over an international license.
The process is pretty simple- you do a theory test and a practical test.
How many lessons you need is up to you- she only had one just before the test day- basically it was a cheap way of hiring a car to use for the test.

My friends son took lessons, then the instructor told to do the theory,when he felt he was near ready for test.
As the theory is only valid for two years. He did one lesson a week.
Unless your doing a week course the you need to do theory test first.

Good luck

And it I is a different theory for each class of vehicles so a car theory is no good for a bike test and vice versa.

… although about 50% of the questions are the same.

You can start lessons before doing the theory test.

what Tiggy said, but you must have passed your theory test before you can apply for your practical test. Given the waiting time for a test in London, get your theory done as soon as you can. DVLA advice suggests that a new driver with no prior experience should expect to need 40hrs of tuition from an ADI to be in with a reasonable chance of passing.

But getting 50% right isn’t good enough! :wink:

Especially if you only got 50% of the 50% right in the first place meaning you would only get 25% of the 100%…I Think :doze:

I can drive a car very well so the lesson will be basically learning the stuff that they look for at the test

I think that I probably thought that when I was 17 as well :wink:

speak to MelB on here. She is an instructor :slight_smile:

That was said to me by a instructor :wink:

Damn…and I only had 10 when I did mine!

Just to throw something else in, why has the DVLA told me I only need to do the practice test if I was to get a driving license? :blink:

which is quite a substantial amount. controling the car is one thing, using it safely on the road is another. you are in a good position though as with the scootah you can get lits of good road use practice, but practice conciously. a good ADI will tell you what to think about.

So coul I get a lesson without passing theory?

If so I might take one or two listen to what the instructor tells me that I need to work on and then try and work on those on my scootah if I can?!

There is no problem getting a few lessons before doing the theory test.
I wouldn’t assume that riding a scooter going to translate in that way- it will help a bit but you need to spend time driving a car.

I was thinking to drive with my mum for a bit but both her cars are 3 litre so she I can’t get myself insured for a few days on it!