Can you name this monster?

As a Haloween treat I’ve created a monster;)

Which 3 stars made up this picture?

Good luck;)


Erm Rossi’s at the bottom - not got a clue about the rest!


The middle is a very young Whitham and the top is old man Foggarty:)


Bugger … the middle one is wrong then

That should be 2/3 not 1/2 :)Ian

OK I’m staying with a young Whitham with the eyes and Shakey Burne for the hair!

Evening CM…I think the turd is right that the middle one is a young Whitham. I’d guess the top one is the great Schwant.

rossi, david bowie, and james whitam:D

Bugger… You mightbe right!

Well done that man:)

It is in fact Schwantz, Whitham and Rossi:)

OK then chaps

Who’s this?


That’s on the roads at the Ulster gp I think, with Ian Lougher.

Definitely agree with that B! :smiley:

That’s two prizes he owes us then Pompey:D

I am sulking now cos I missed the quiz & they were easy ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed Debz I have to make them easy so that B gets a chance;):smiley:

:hehe:I have to agree with you there:) I’m no competition for Debz…


Who are these 3 suspects?