Can you name this monster?

I’ll give Debz a chance;)

I think Debz has dozed off;)

I have got two of them - but my old addled cold filled head can’t get the other :wink:

Rossi again. Reynolds & Haslam Jr :ermm:

I definitely have one and could hazard a guess at the other two.

Ladies first though:P:)

You sure it aint Guiness filled?;):smiley:

After looking again I think Debz is spot on with Rossi, Reynolds and Haslam.I was thinking Stoner, Reynolds, Lanzi:w00t::smiley:

Debz was closer with 2/3;)

Which two?:smiley:

Reynolds is sussed:)

oK Stoner, Reynolds and Haslam.Will return later…have to rush out:)

Almost, just got the hairdo to get:P

Come on Debz;)

The hair one is a trick question - its you 20 years ago :w00t:

Haha I wish;)



Fogarty? Corser? :smiley: Clutching at straws here - cant you give me a bit more forehead to play with :stuck_out_tongue:

Did I hear you right? You’d like more head?;):smiley:

Yeah ‘fore’ of 'em :w00t:

Here ya go:cool:



George Michael :wink: