Can we boycott Shell Petrol Garages please.... £13.9 Billion profit

13.6 Billion pounds profit this year making them the most successful business ever (not sure if thats just in the UK though)

I know we pay a lot of tax on fuel and the government are probably making more but thats ridiculous!:angry:

I don`t use Shell anyway.

mj_jonesy (31/01/2008)

13.6 Billion pounds profit this year making them the most successful business ever (not sure if thats just in the UK though)

I know we pay a lot of tax on fuel and the government are probably making more but thats ridiculous!:angry:[/quote] Not this old chestnut again. We covered this about two weeks back. of every pound spent at the forecourt. The oil company AND the retailer may get to share around 1/3rd, the rest goes to Gordon Brown - taxed twice with Fuel Duty and VAT.I think we are lucky that the Upstream and Midstream sectors of the oil industry can ensure delivery to fuel retailers for about 30p per litre. Given the high costs of exploration, extraction, tankerage, refining, road logistics and various other associated costs. The Retailers at the forecourt try to make money out of supermarket partnerships and value adds like Wild Bean or FMCG sales.The government are the scum. Shell should be applauded as a great British Company (…well Anglo-Dutch) making profits in a competitive business environment. (okay there are some environmental factors we should be more concerned about but business performance was the issue raised…)

You must be bored!

WHY boycott Shell, you can’t just boycott a company becasue there doing well.

I like Shell they don’t make me remove my helmet, they charge more or less the same as every other station and the guys in my local are always friendly.

Da Artist

P.S. I love there free air miles

The problem is that all of the fuel companies make huge profits and we can’t just boycott them all!

As ever the problem is down to the governments excessive taxes as to why we pay so much for fuel.

what makes you think that the bulk of the profits are from petrol?

Its only a tiny amount from a barrel of oil that actually is refined into petrol.

currently most profits are comming from LNG and heavy crude for the chemical industry.

Always look for Shell petrol stations personally; I collect the points.

As stated their profits do not come from the pump, but other aspects of their business such as refining, petrochem, and exploration.

We don’t seem to have any Shell petrol stations around here so I spose I am boycotting them already;)

Even if all the Shell stations closed they would still be selling their products through other companies. They are probably selling petrol and diesel to the likes of Asda and Tesco. Boycotting them wouldn’t achieve anything.

Their profits are high because of the general price of crude. Not their fault. However the price that we pay at the pump is the partly the Governments fault. However as the lying goits love tax and spend I can’t see this situation improving.

Anyone for revolution?

total nuts, who found most of the bloody oil, shell…who spend a fortune on research into alternative fuels…shell, who employs bloody thousands of people…shell, get off their case…they are a superb company…and one that has shone through in terms of its attitude to the future for us all…boycott them at your own peril…what the kin hell is wrong with making profits…what happens when times are tough for them as they have been in the past will we all volunteer to pay more…

crazy man to even think of boycotting them…

But apart from that what have Shell ever done for us?;):smiley:

i can think of many many reasons but no doubt you will have your own views on them to so i’ll keep them to myself i think.Crazy? Each to thier own i say, freedom of speech n all that!

hey didnt say dont say it, just said its crazy to boycott them…its by you saying that we see that the truth is companies need to make silly profits to meet all the world issues that stop them from doing research and or finding new sources of oil…it isnt easy…

And I love to debate any topic, I do not infer in any of my debates that they are my views or my personal opinion its just a point of view…I certainly would not make any of my remarks personal…if they seem that I am sorry…not meant to be…but if you want to take it further then see you on the track…zx10 against your toy…:D;)

Love to… What you want me to use? GSXR 6 or 929 Fireblade (complete with touring tyres)? :stuck_out_tongue:

a well run company making a fortune, lets rip 'em down, the rich scum!

drilling for oil is cheap after all

i say slap a windfall tax on the fat cats to make 'em reduce production to avoid the tax in future and bring on the next world war

makes sense, after all they are richer than me

are you with me comrades?!

either will do, but I have to have at least 100 yards head start for every year I am older than you…:smiley:

Thats not fair you cant have a 4 mile head start… :hehe:

sounds fair to me…

Look up Ken Saro Wiwa and how Shell profit from damaging people’s land and environment in places like Nigeria, where they are in cahoots with corrupt governments…Yeah, Shell, you’re the greatest :laugh:

Know what you mean the Nigerian government owes me a lot of money.

But shell are not going to be able to change the issue of the corrupt government… that is the peoples job…they (shell) are just getting the oil…and I am certain that whilst standards are not as high as elsewhere in the world they run a very tight ship and certainly it cannot be shown that Shell is abusing the country any more than anyone else…and there is a lot of evidence that they are doing more than most to re-invest locally…

I ran a company in Nigeria for 3 years and corruption is everywhere…