Can`t decide

I can`t decide what bike i want next. I like them both.

Gilera GP800

Aprilia Mana 850

Is the Mana a twist and go John?

from what i remember reading it is both:

manual (change 7 gears from the handlebars)/automatic (like a normal scoot)

The Mana has no clutch lever but has foot gear selector and a push button selector, The GP is fully twist n go.

Purely on looks alone I think the Mana looks well sexy:w00t:

The gear selection sounds interesting:)

totaly agree

btw mana means mother in greek so sexy mana = m1lf?

The GP800 will on sale this November for £6500 but i don`t know when and how much the Mana will be.

Mana looks v nice indeed!

Gotta be the Mana !

Mana Mana Mana! :smiley:

£6500 for a scoot ? :w00t:

mana, mana!!

Mana Mana :slight_smile:

The only thing has put me off the GP is the price.

Mana Mana…:unsure:

Title sounds like a certain Theme Tune…

So go for it you Muppet !! :w00t:

Go for the Mana - then you can lose the scooter jokes :wink:

Strewth mate, not surprised :stuck_out_tongue: That’s more than you need to pay for an new ZX6R, you can get a ZX10 for not a lot more either right now, that’s a huge amount of cash for a scooter.




I`ve got quite fond of the scooter jokes.:smiley: