Can somebody please help! Looking for a bike ride!

Thats NW for ya!

Welcome Louise, i would take you but someones hidden my footrests and passenger seat, just talk to everyone on the site and get to know them, im sure you will get plenty offers.

Come on girlies…I was kidding…Good thing I saw Ghost Rider yesterday so I know where to get me flame proof leathers

Shi*te film by the way.

I shall bring the bikinis and a mud bath so you ladies can duke it out in style…Someone else can bring the popcorn

Ooo bikinis and mud bath? :yay:

:box: :stretch:

Popcorn? :popcorn:


And STILL no Ginger

[shakes head] he’s slacking in a big way!

Maybe it IS ginger

OK going back to work now


Well, I can vouch that Louise is for real. It took some guts on her side but she did come along to the Brazen this evening.

Well done and look I forward forward to seeing you out and about.

Nice to have met you Louise

I’ve PMed you a link to the bowling night

lol Shes brave!

I didn’t make it as I’ve been out working until about an hour ago, in the opposite direction to the Brazen.

Hope you all had a nice evening…tho it sounds like moggy didn’t.

im here ill give any girl a ride, depends on what they look like, but even if they are a minger theres always a paper bag

That’s classy Ginger

Mate! She was at the Brazen - she exists and fits your criteria…


Cheeky !!! :o

I’m not that kinda guy …

Although having seen the pic…


not sure about the red eyes mind, a bit scary.

Shes got that devil look about her. Glad to see you’re real Louise, watch this lot some of them are really scary

Hi Louise, I see you have made quite an impression on these guys! Has anyone offered you a ride on the back of their bike yet??.If not Im sure it wont be long now!

It was me who spotted your post on Gumtree and recommended these guys(What have I done??)

Anyway Guys is this a record? I see there has been 36 replies and 886 views on this topic in 2 days!!

Perfect bike weather and Im off to France later on my DRZ400 for a weekend of off roading!!!(dont ya just hate some people)


Ive just seen this thread…Louise im sure there are a number of fine male specimens (myself included) who would be more the willing to take you for a ride! Just ask…

Don’t do it. IT’S A TRAP.

lol lol lol