Can somebody please help! Looking for a bike ride!

This might sound like a very crazy request but i love motor bikes, unfortunately I don’t have my own license to ride one here in the UK, but even just being a pillion on one gives me such a buzz, that I want to know if there is anybody that would fancy going out for a couple hours with me on their bike, so that i can relive that excitement i get on a bike.

I have my own helmet, jacket, gloves and kit, I’m a 21 year old female and weigh under 60 kilos and if you own a full bike license or know someone that does, and is up for going out somewhere for the day, then please drop me an email on - [email protected]

I was recommended this website, after placing my request on other forums where i have recieved very little interest from bikers. So if you can also recommend any other websites worth placing my details on a forum - please contact me! Thanks

Im from North west London, but i am prepared to travel to neighbouring counties or across London providing its not too far!

Hi Louise - first of all, welcome to LB

Why not come to our Wednesday night meet tomorrow at the Brazen Head and meet some of the LB’ers. There are some you may not want to get on the back of

Just because you don’t have your own bike doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun with us but I would strongly recommend getting to know some people before just jumping onto the back of a bike. Good to see you have your own kit though.

Welcome Louise…

Likewise though SW, I think i’d be very apprehensive taking a stranger on the back of me… you never know who is waiting just down the road to knock you off and hey presto, they have your bike.

So really, it is advisable to get to know the people on here first and us you, then maybe more will be willing.

(Sorry I may seem a bit ott but you cant trust anyone these days).

good point Ang

has ginger not seen this yet??? 21 yr old female, under 6o kilos!!!

i agree with the comments above though, get to know people first and make a decicion from there!!

i would take you, but normally gina’s on the back, and i have to use violence to keep her off the back of it sometimes cos i love riding on my own!!

but i’m sure if you meet up at the brazen and get to know people then you will be on the back of somones bike soon!

If you’re that desperate you’re not far from the Ace on the North Circ, go there, I’m sure you will find someone more than willing to oblige you a ride.

Just seen this…Suprised there hasn’t been a deluge of blokes offering rides in exchange for pics

Hope you get the ride you want Louise…Look out for Andrew&7 he’ll be offering one shortly

EDIT: Just read between the lines at all the catty responses from the women.

Women: What a tart asking for a ride…right bitch.


If you lot ruled the world World War 3 would start cos someone wore the same dress and lippy

Just jokes and I have my flame suit on

Put your flame suit on now lol cos Afro im going to try and keep calm with a response to you.

At no point did it ever cross my mind about being catty, I was merely replying with a sensible answer. Some of you may not know what’s happened over the last couple of years around this area…people being followed and kicked and beaten off their bikes, some have had a gun pointed at them too… so when I make a truly honest reply I don’t find it funny to be blamed for being bitchy or catty just because Louise is female!

Hey Louise! As long as you’re not the star turn for munter’s weekly and are not carrying enough poundage to make my rear shock squeal like a pig with a poker up its a r s e , then I’ll give you a spin

welcome to the site louise. glad to see that someone is outgoing enough to ask like that. your always welcome to a community lik this.

pop along to some of the meets and get to know some people, we are a really friendly bunch and i am sure people will be jumping to the que to take you for a spin

Blimey, any girl who holds a gun to my head and tells me to give her a ride gets my vote any day.

don’t ya just love it when they’re so masterful. Oooooooooooooh matron.

Why don’t you try Frith street on a friday nite, or as previously mentioned the Ace cafe on any day, mainly weekends tho.

Please be very careful tho, if ya don’t know the rider then how can you really trust their riding skill with a pillion on the back, or even worse their ulterior motive.

If you do go for a blat with an ‘unknown’ then make sure you follow the usual ‘date with a stanger’ rules…better safe than dead.

welcome to the site and hope to see you at one of our meets soon. bike enthusiasts are always welcome round here, whether or not you’ve got a bike. and who knows one day maybe we can persuade you to get your own?

come on Afro, we have no need to be catty, we have our own bikes, lol.

It wouldn’t suprise me if this is a wind up like the member 38dd who came and went (no doubt in a blaze of pm’s from desperate blokes )

Some bloke is laughing his nuts off waiting for you blokes to fall over yourselves to offerthis 21 year old the ride of her life. pmsl

Louise, if you are real I apologise and look forward to meeting you.

ginger is slacking,on the second page and no show,
i have no probs taken people on the back as long as the know the risks and stay still.

Jeez louise!.. You really must be zany… specially with this crowd!!! Most of them have the t-shirt that says "If you can read this the Biotch fell off "

Hope you find a ride but in honesty you would be best served by getting to know the ppl on here, not all of them ride like Ginger and most are not as loony as him either. Once you are known they are an affable group of nutters (in the nicest sense of course).

Hope you get yer “fix” and have a smile/grin when you finally disembark from the ride.

Sticky side down!!!

Exactly SW, I was thinking the same thing!! this HAS to be a wind-up, with an email like cutesmile…and distinct lack of response when you suggested coming to the brazen (the perfect response btw )

Well I did receive an email from Louise last night, im still in two minds…We shall see as she is coming to the Brazen tonight.

ooooh, I’m looking forward to tonight.

I might even make a show

cor, this is speacial, lol.

I should be there about 8pm ish